Applying for a Non-Immigrant Thai Visa from Kuala Lumpur Embassy

How much does a Thai Visa application Run to Kuala Lumpur Cost?

A three day Thai visa trip to Kuala Lumpur on a budget – 8000 baht. Easy.

If you fancy seeing a little bit of Malaysia while doing your Thai Visa application, you can do so relatively cheaply and easily. You can get two trains from Hua Lamphong station to Kuala Lumpur, first to Penang (where you can check out George Town for some sightseeing) or Butterworth, then changing over to Kuala Lumpur. This does, however, take about two days of travelling time I believe, and costs not much less than a cheap flight. If you are flexible with dates, you can get a return flight to Kuala Lumpur from Bangkok for about 5000 baht – not too bad.

From the airport, you can catch the KLIA train to the centre of Kuala Lumpur for 35 RM (£7) and find a decent youth hostel for 35 RM (£7) per night – Explorers Guesthouse is a particularly good one for this price. Also, food is cheap in Kuala Lumpur – you can get a meal from 4 RM and catch the metro from just 1 RM. So you can get by on a small amount of pocket money if you’re on a budget.


How to apply for your Non-Immigrant Thai Visa and what to expect

It’s important to make sure that your stay in Kuala Lumpur is no shorter than two working days. You will need to make sure you bring a photocopy of your passport, 2 x recent passport photos, 220 RM fee and all the necessary documentation. Then get to the Thai embassy in the Ampang area for 9.15am (as it gets busy). There is a metro station (Ampang Park) very close by.

Once you’ve filled out the visa form and got your receipt, you can spend the day sight seeing! Yay! But… there is not that much in the actual city to do or see in my opinion so you do not need more than a few days in Kuala Lumpur for sightseeing… unless you have the cash to go on some excursions out of the city.

You won’t be able to collect your passport and visa until 2.30pm the next working day. I’ve seen people at the embassy completely screwed because they were expecting it all to be done on the day… so they booked the flight the same day and everything 🙁

You can only get a single entry visa from Kuala Lumpur, but as a single entry visa is considerably cheaper than a multiple one, I personally think it’s much better to apply for one of these anyway. If you ever need to leave the country or go on a holiday, you can simply apply for Re-entry at an embassy in Thailand for a small fee.

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