Baiyoke Tower

Baiyoke Tower is located in Bangkok and is the tallest building in Thailand with 84 floors of shopping, sky restaurants, exhibitions and it’s very own sky hotel. For 300 baht you can purchase a ticket to visit the revolving Bangkok rooftop on the 84th floor – the city views of Bangkok are pretty amazing, particularly at sunset (although it gets busiest at this time). It is a little uglier than some of the fancier Bangkok rooftop bars though – with wire surrounds that make you need to artfully peep your camera through one of the gaps to take a decent photo.

Bangkok sky tower

Bunny rabbit!

For the 300 baht entrance fee, you get a free drink on the Baiyoke Tower sky bar and a free visit to it’s small Thai exhibition – particularly good for photo taking in the set up photo corner scenes. The sky bar is somewhat shabby for the tallest building in Bangkok and also has a very random space/ sci-fi kind of theme; the staircase walls are painted with a starry pattern, lined with giant, model killer aliens and the cafe has it’s own waitresses dressed in silver spacemen suits. Just a little random. The Baiyoke Tower Sky bar has some nice cakes though and great views of Bangkok city to sit and take a break.


‘Ooooh I love a bit of cake!’ – Note the special, silver spaceman sprinklings

Baiyoke Buffet

Also in the Baiyoke Tower are many different sky restaurants and buffets with impressive Bangkok views to choose from throughout the different levels of the sky tower. For the cheapest, try the fruit Baiyoke buffet on the 18th floor – for 350 baht you can sample the many Thai fruits and get free entrance to the revolving observation deck on the rooftop included, so it only actually costs 50 baht extra than the standard ticket. Another one of the more interesting Baiyoke buffet sky restaurants is the themed Baiyoke Floating Market charging 560 baht for a buffet dinner and, again, entrance fee to the Bangkok rooftop.

Photo corner

Photo corner

Baiyoke Tower Shopping

Being located in Pratunam, there are absolutely tonnes of markets and malls to shop but there are also four floors of shopping at the bottom of Baiyoke Tower. The shops in Baiyoke Tower are especially ideal for men – I do believe Bangkok is a little lacking in men’s clothes shopping personally. The first few floors are a little boring, mainly wholesale shirts and t-shirts, but the fourth floor get’s a little more creative and indie.

You can find many alternative styles of clothing  on the fourth floor of Baiyoke Tower such as custom made biker style shorts as well as some nerdy retro T-shirt designs (particular Star Wars parody designs). I do love a bit of retro nerdiness. The shops around Pratunam are mainly wholesale orientated, so it’s best not to haggle in many of the shops as they have set prices and discounts. T-shirts generally cost around 200 baht (you can check out more typical Thailand clothing prices here).

For people with more expensive tastes, a more sophisticated alternative to the Baiyoke Sky Tower in Bangkok is the State Tower, but Baiyoke Tower is still very reasonable for the price in my opinion. Although I would not recommend a visit to Baiyoke Tower as an attraction on it’s own, it is actually ideally loacted around the central area of Bangkok. Therefore it is not a bad detour to take combined with some cheap shopping around Pratunam, or maybe to explore the modern centre of Bangkok a little further afield (maybe a 20 minute walk), Central World, Amarin Shrine or the Phallic Shrine in Chit Lom.

How to get to Baiyoke Tower

Take the BTS to Phayathai station and then the airport link to Ratchaprop station. Make sure to catch the City Line train and get off at the first stop. From here, there are many sign posts to follow to the Baiyoke tower – you can even see it from the station.


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