Bangkok Shoe Shopping Guide

If you want to buy some specific kind of shoes in Bangkok – cheap shoes, sexy shoes, designer shoes or sports sneakers – look no further than my Bangkok shoe shopping guide.

I also have guides for clothes shopping, souvenir & gadget shopping, and a general guide on the malls and markets of Bangkok.

Where to buy cheap shoes in Bangkok

If you’re looking to buy dirt cheap shoes in Bangkok, then look no further than the stalls on the Bangkok streets. The street walks and markets in most of the busier areas of Bangkok will sell some really cheap shoes, flip flops starting at around 30 baht a pair and office shoes, ballet pumps or high heel shoes costing from 199 baht.

The busy streets of Bangkok areas such as Silom, Saphan Taksin, Victory Monument, Siam and Pratunam will have some of the best selections. Many of these super cheap shoes on the Bangkok streets aren’t particularly stylish or cool though, and comfort may be a problem as well – particularly if you have wider feet. If you just need a quick, cheap pair of shoes for a costume or interview though, these places definitely serve this purpose.

In Silom, search along the main streetwalks around Sala Deng BTS on an evening. At Saphan Taksin, check out Charoen Krung Road around the BTS and central pier area – there is a small, particularly good shop for cheap flip flops right next to the BTS station, just across the road from the songtaews. Head to Siam after around 7pm and you’ll find street stalls opposite Siam Paragon and many more up Ratchadamri Road next to Central World.

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For some better quality, good value shoes in Bangkok, I highly recommend the shops Footin and Bata. You can find these shops in many of the more local Bangkok shopping complexes as well as The Mall Thapra in Talat Phlu, and the MBK at National Stadium. Bata in particular sells some comfortable, decent sports trainers for between 500 and 1000 baht while Footin sells a great range of cute, sturdy and comfortable sandals and flip flops from 199 baht per pair.

Another cheap place to try for better quality shoes in Bangkok is Siam Square. Siam Square have a variety of shoe shops selling high heels, pretty sandals and cool sneakers. You can buy colourful, handmade leather heels for 750 baht, fashionable Thai ladies shoes from 250 baht, and second hand, big brand shoes for around 200 baht a pair.

Where to buy cool high heel shoes in Bangkok

As above, for some cheaper high heel shoes in Bangkok, head yourself down to MBK or The Mall Thapra where you can buy some decent heels from Footin and Bata. For those looking for something a little more expensive, fashionable and with more of a WOW factor, the designer shops at Siam Center stock some really awesome designs.

You’ll find the bold designs of Villain SF on the first floor, Havaianas, Steve Madden and the slightly more affordable VNC on the second floor. In my opinion, Siam Center is by far the coolest place to shop in Bangkok for ladies shoes. Shoe prices vary from around 1000 baht to 20000 baht per pair, maybe less if you’re lucky enough to catch a good sale.

Where to buy cool trainers/ sneakers in Bangkok

Siam Square in central Bangkok is home to many indie boutiques and Thai fashion shops. You can find some cool, alternative sneaker/ trainers from both international and Thai brands costing anything up to 10000 baht per pair. Check out Sneaka Villa in Soi 2 Trendy Zone – you can find the stairs inside a small shop called London Brown, Sneaka Villa is just on the 2nd floor.

Also nearby Sneaka Villa is Humankind Factor on the second floor of the Lido Theatre near Soi 2, and INFRD (also on Soi 2). On the next main road, Soi 1, you can find the Outcast Store, and the king of all sneaker shops, Vii Athletic Club. As well as some really unique and awesome Thai brand sneakers, you’ll find a good range of Vans, Adidas, Nike, Converse and Reebok in most of these shops.

In particular, Bangkok’s Vii Athletic Club has a huge choice of cool, pimpin’ design sneakers for both men and women, plus a few t-shirts, hats and accessories. It sells New Balance, Supra, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, Nike 6.0, Mad Foot, Victim of Vanity plus a whole second floor dedicated purely to sports shoes. This is my favourite sneaker shop in Bangkok – hands down. Sneaker prices range from 2000 baht up to nearly 10000 baht.

I’ve not visited myself, but Superrzaaap!! just on Soi 9 apparently has a decent stock of sneakers in Bangkok as well.


Humankind Factor

MBK shopping mall is another useful place to shop in Bangkok for big brand trainer and sneaker shops, with various sneaker shops scattered throughout. Keep your eyes peeled for Genesis which sells some awesome designs. For sports shoes on a budget at the MBK, Bata sells decent, basic sports trainers for less than 1000 baht.

For those who don’t mind the concept of second hand shoes, there are few markets with large sections dedicated to used trainers such as Converse, Vans and Nike. Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok has a particularly huge section selling second hand sneakers, or you might like to try the Train Market and street stalls of Siam (try around the Pratunam area where the river meets the Ratchadamri Road – Petchaburi road intersection). Again, Siam Square has a few small shops scattered around that sell small selections of cool, second hand sneakers.

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