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Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of charities in Thailand and volunteering agencies around that charge volunteers who want to volunteer for them. Understandably charities in Thailand desperately need donations and have to get funding however they can, but I just can’t help but feel a little mugged off at the thought of forking out extortionate amounts of money to lend a helping hand volunteering in Thailand. Some people really don’t have excess money to make substantial charity donations – all they have to offer is their time to volunteer.

If you look hard enough though, there are plenty of amazing charities that genuinely need people for free volunteering in Bangkok, without expecting donations in return.

No Cost Volunteering In Bangkok

  • Teaching English. GoodWill charity in Bangkok help disadvantaged women, usually from hilltribes, learn valuable skills to increase their work opportunities and avoid life in the sex industry. They often need people to volunteer in Bangkok to teach english or IT skills a couple of hours a week. Hill Tribe Education Projects charity helps support and educate children in hill tribes in Thailand, who have few rights and little support from the government.

Or check out Bangkok Volunteer Teaching on Facebook for an interesting mixture of teaching volunteer work in Bangkok on offer, such as teaching guitar, for various charities.

Mercy Centre, an orphanage and centre for disadvantaged children in Bangkok, often have volunteer openings for art, music and language teachers or general fundraising and office work.

  • General volunteer work. In Search Of Sanuk & Foundation for Slum Children help support poor families from the Bangkok slums by educating on parenting and taking care of the children. Thai Craft help support village artisans and their Thai crafts, volunteer work for them varies greatly from simple ‘checkout bagger’ positions, to skilled photography position. 

Meetup Bangkok Volunteers is a simple community group of expats and Thai locals who meetup and take part in volunteer work in Bangkok. It’s quite an informal group so it’s especially useful for people who want to volunteer in Bangkok without making a commitment. You can sign up for a range of volunteer days with Meetup including making books for school children or road tripping on jungle trips to help provide medical care for Thai hill tribes.

Where to volunteer in Thailand

Active Aid International is a very useful, free directory of grassroots organisations and community projects. It is a very useful website to search for honest charities to volunteer in Thailand for free with.


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