Cheap Charlies Bangkok

Cheap Charlies is a very casual and laid back, outdoor open bar just off the main Soi 11 in Nana, Bangkok. It’s a small and cozy bar with plenty of character, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the main street. After searching for an opening amongst the maze-like, driftwood structure of the bar itself and it’s assortment of knicknacks; ordering a drink from the engulfed Cheap Charlies owner can be quite a challenge in itself. This, mixed with the cozy old fairy lights, miniature train chugging along it’s track at the top of the wall of worldly souvenirs at the bar, definitely make Cheap Charlies a more interesting experience than your average pub in Bangkok.

cheap charlies bangkok

The selection of music played in the background of Cheap Charlies Bangkok tends to be a laid back mixture of country, honky tonk, classic rock and rock and roll. Being able to sit amongst this casual environment and still be on the street people watching is very entertaining and the vibe among it’s loyal patrons can be quite friendly and welcoming.

Cheap Charlies gets busy later throughout the night though, and it can be difficult to squeeze in and fit in the crowd let alone even grab a chair to sit down. It’s great for the atmosphere if you are happy to stand though, and if not, dropping by Cheap Charlies earlier in the evening before 9pm is ideal for some quieter starting drinks before heading out to other Bangkok bars and clubs. The drinks are a reasonable price at Cheap Charlies costing from 60 – 70 baht for a bottle of beer, 70 baht for spirits and 20 for soft drinks.

How to get to Cheap Charlies Bangkok: You can find Cheap Charlies on Soi 11, which is just next to the BTS Nana station. From here, it is just a few hundred metres down the road on the left hand side, past ‘Zanzibar’. You will see the tiny bar down an alley just past this.


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