Clark Hatch Thaniya – A Review

Before coming to Thailand we did a little research online regarding good gyms in Bangkok, most of what we found was actually quite off-putting however since coming to Thailand we’ve found a few good gyms so do not be put off if you are having trouble research online before moving.

Back in January 2013 we posted an article listing gym locations and prices in Bangkok as a guide to help people find a gym in Bangkok that best suited their requirement, be it weight training, getting fit, fitness classes and so forth. At the time we had not yet joined a gym, since writing that post we have joined Clark Hatch Thaniya, which is in Sala Daeng, Bangkok and here is our review of the place.

The Gym Equipment at Clark Hatch Thaniya

The equipment in Clark Hatch is all pretty good. There are plenty of treadmills, bikes and cross trainers, assisted weight machines as well as a generous free weight section that is home to two large racks of dumb bells ranging from 5lb through to 70lb. There is also a smaller rack of dumb bells ranging from 1kg to 10 kg.

The weights room also has every bar you will ever need, long bar, short bar, Z bar … you will also find some great frames to help you deadlift, squat and chest press.

Benches; also lots, I’ve never had to weight for a bench to become free. That being said, there are no good angled benches – They do have a type of bench that angles however its not flexible enough – I struggle to get a good angle for dumb bell chest presses without moving more of the weight than I would like to my shoulders.

Only downside to the gym area is that there is no air conditioning, just fans. For weight training, the fans seem to be just about right though for cardio the lack of air conditioning really makes it harder. Clark Hatch is not the cheapest gym in Bangkok, air con doesn’t seem much to ask.

The Swimming Pool at Clark Hatch Thaniya

This is a real bonus. Clark Hatch have a restaurant on the pool side and sitting by the pool at the end of my work out, drinking a protein shake makes training at Clark Hatch a really enjoyable experience.

The swimming pool is big enough to exercise and has a pleasant decking area for snoozing. I’ve never really seen the pool with more than 1, maximum 2 people in, which is great.

The restaurant has a range of Thai dishes for a reasonable price. Protein shakes will cost you 100 Baht, which may seem a little high however protein in Thailand still seems like a sellers market. Also, back in England I’ve never had a protein shake anywhere near as tasty as these’s bad boys at Clark Hatch.

Does it Get Busy as Clark Hatch Thaniya?

We tend to go in the week and weekends anywhere between 12:00 and 16:00 and it’s never really busy. I believe it gets a little busier in the evenings as most gyms do.

The Boxing Gym and Clark Hatch Thaniya

On the floor below the main gym is Clark Hatch boxing gym. It spans the whole of the gym area and has bags, pads and other gear. You are free to use the boxing gym alone when classes are not happening or you can join the Thai Boxing class at Clark Hatch for free. In fact, there are a heap of classes at Clark Hatch such as Yoga, Fitball and so forth. They are all free for members.

The Facilities at Clark Hatch  Thaniya

The changing rooms and showers are good. Enough room, spacious lockers (bring your own pad lock) and the showers kept clean and offer complimentary shampoo and shower gel.

There is also a Steam Room. The steam room in the male changing room is in serious need of restoration. Big gaps under the door mean it gets cold quickly and when the steam clears, you can see the walls are cracked and stained yellow. The lights do not work that well if at all. Either because the mold and rust has won or the bulbs are gone, either way – The steam room seriously needs attention. That being said, I use the steam room around three times a week, I’m just not that fussy.

Free Gym Clothes!

Now this is a really nice plus. I’ve never seen a gym do this before. Each time you come you are offered optional free gym clothes.. shorts, shirt or vest and shocks (Towel as well, of course).  At first I thought this was a bit of an odd concept, but not having to carry dirty clothes around with you is great. You can come to the gym with nothing but your member ship card, work out, have a steam, have a shower and walk out in fresh clothes. Cool. (Some of their gym clothes could be chucked out now though I think, some are super new and others are super old).

Friendly, Helpful Staff

The staff here are very friendly and welcoming and will help without hesitation if you need it. Many of the staff can provide personal training too, though I’ve not taken this up so I’m unable to pass comment.

How Much does Clark Hatch Thaniya Cost?

You can pay daily (500 bath), monthly (3500 baht), every 6 months (12,500 baht) or annually (21,600 baht). We did not haggle but I bet you could trim a little off, if you were that way inclined.

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Loads of gear, not overly busy, friendly staff and customers, great roof top swimming pool.


No air con in the gym, steam room is gross.

The Verdict

I love this place and am going to seriously miss it when I leave Thailand. I look forward to going to the gym thanks to this place, which is half of the battle.


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