DMK Don Muang To Bangkok

Don Muang Train

How to get from Don Muang airport to Bangkok city? The train from Bangkok to Don Muang airport generally takes about 40 minutes and costs around 20 baht each way with trains departing from Bangkok city between roughly every 30 and 60 minutes apart. Trains can be unreliable at times though, so it is best to plan ahead with a little leeway when taking the train to Don Muang from Bangkok city.

You can catch trains from Hualumpong in Bangkok to Don Muang DMK, or vice versa from Don Muang to Hualumpong. It is not hard to miss the Don Muang airport stop when taking the train, but just FYI anyway, it is the stop after Lak Si train station and it has it’s own flyover to get directly to and from the Don Muang airport to the train station also. Trains don’t run all through the night from Bangkok though – you can check the train timetable for more info here.


Don Muang Bus

There are Bangkok airport shuttle buses very clearly signposted outside Don Muang airport – these stop at Phayathai, Mo Chit (Chatuchak) and Suvarnabhumi airport.

Alternatively, you can follow signs for ‘bus’ instead of the airport shuttle bus. Signs take you out to the flyover and will lead you down some steps to a busy carriageway – this can be a little bewildering but if you keep walking for a few minutes along the path, you will eventually come to a bus stop. Buses go from Don Muang to Silom (29), Phayathai, Hualumpong (54) and Chatuchak and cost around 10 baht depending on your stop. For more info on which bus to take to/ from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok, you can visit the official website for more details.

Not Don Muang airport? Click here for more information on how to get to Suvarnabhumi Airport from Bangkok instead.

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