Double Dogs Chinese Tea Room, Bangkok

Love tea? The Double Dogs Tea Room in Bangkok’s China Town is pretty much the king of tea rooms. Chinese tea rooms at least anyway…

With a calm ambience, and a spacious, simple interior with plenty of authentically Chinese finishing touches, Double Dogs provides a cozy and welcoming environment for some quiet tea drinking in Bangkok. Located just off the hectic main street of Yaowarat, the tea room makes a stark contrast as a peaceful escape from the outside hustle and bustle of China Town.


The calming Double Dogs tea room is filled with charming, old-style, Chinese wooden furniture; brightened up by harmonious lamps and lights in all corners; and elegantly decorated with oriental scrolls and cabinets full of traditional teapots. A huge cabinet runs across one wall of the main tea room which displays a huge range of traditional teapots for sale. Similarly, the counter area teams with lucky cat knick knacks, exotic teas and all things Chinese that customers can buy.


All you can drink tea at Double Dogs

Bangkok Double Dogs have an ‘all you drink’ offer on a selection of special teas. For 180 baht, you can treat yourself at the ‘tea buffet’ to a choice of five teas such as Wulong, Phu-er, Jasmine white tea, Chrysanthemum and Shui Xian tea.

Once you’ve ordered your first cup of tea, the friendly staff will bring over a delightful dish full of accompanying Chinese and Japanese snacks such as almonds, dried fruit and seaweed crackers. Perhaps the best part of the ‘tea buffet’ though, is watching the tea master guy work his thing at the tea station full of dozens of special, tiny teapots.


Double Dogs Tea Room does also have a standard tea menu however – you don’t have to go for all you can drink tea. They also serve a range of snacks and Chinese desserts to enjoy with your tea. What’s especially great about the Double Dogs sweet menu, is that you can choose a selection of four Chinese cakes and snacks for 95 baht. This is great if you’re an indecisive dessert orderer, or for simply sampling and sharing the intriguing Chinese treats such as peanut rolls, red bean buns and taro mooncakes.


How to get to Double Dogs Tea Room in Bangkok

Double Dogs is located on the main Yaowarat Road directly opposite Yaowarat Soi 4. The area around this section of Yaowarat Road is great for wholesale and bargain shopping – in particular, it’s ideal for exploring the side streets and their cheap jewellery and accessory shops.

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