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var tmpArrayProd = userHistoryProducts.split("-"); disableItemAddToCartButton(6); available_eancodes = available_eancodes + '-' + enariArr[0].trim(); Savage Gear Fishing Rods & Poles. Savage gear predator 2 spinning rod - Die ausgezeichnetesten Savage gear predator 2 spinning rod auf einen Blick! Savage Gear … uuid = guid(); var alePrice = parseFloat(alePriceStr.replace(",", ". The range covers all modern forms of lure fishing from soft lures to jerks and beyond! So I could cast some much bigger lures I have in my arsenal, That I wasn’t happy casting on my lighter rod.See my other reviews for the bushwhacker series reviews.I have not owned one of the new MPP2 rods yet so these were my first trial to see what I thought about the new design and rod range in general.I bought the 7ft3″ <100g normal (not trigger) rods. } }); { Buy View Add to wishlist. var tmptxt = $( this ).html(); Savage Gear MULTI PURPOSE PREDATOR2 TRAVEL RODS (7ft 10-40gm mpp2 travel (62266)) 4.4 out of 5 stars 4. userHistoryProductsTmp += tmpArrayProd[i] + '-'; /* } Savage Gear Black Savage Jerk. 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Currently Unavailable. Savage Gear Custom UL Spinning Rod Series. } categoryId = '/' + dynamicArray[4] + '/'; appId : '527333207375474', } alePriceStr = alePriceStr.replace("€", ""); var dynamicLocation = location.href; AU $130.53. (C.callPlugins("onInit"),b.onInit&&C.fireCallback(b.onInit,C)):(C.callPlugins("onFirstInit"),b.onFirstInit&&C.fireCallback(b.onFirstInit,C)),C.initialized=!0}},C.reInit=function(a){C.init(!0,a)},C.resizeFix=function(a){C.callPlugins("beforeResizeFix"),C.init(b.resizeReInit||a),b.freeMode?C.getWrapperTranslate()<-e()&&(C.setWrapperTransition(0),C.setWrapperTranslate(-e())):(C.swipeTo(b.loop?C.activeLoopIndex:C.activeIndex,0,!1),b.autoplay&&("undefined"!=typeof _? Home > Fishing Tackle > Pike & Predator Fishing Tackle > Pike Rods > Lure Rods > Savage Gear Lure Rods; Savage Gear SG2 Light Game Rods 2pc. Our website uses cookies to allow us to serve you better. !1:!0,u(g,"to",{index:a,speed:c,runCallbacks:d}),!0)}},C._queueStartCallbacks=!1,C._queueEndCallbacks=!1,C.updateActiveSlide=function(a){if(C.initialized&&0!==C.slides.length){C.previousIndex=C.activeIndex,"undefined"==typeof a&&(a=C.getWrapperTranslate()),a>0&&(a=0);var c;if("auto"===b.slidesPerView){if(C.activeIndex=C.slidesGrid.indexOf(-a),C.activeIndex<0){for(c=0;c Math.abs ( c-C.touches.startX ) ) { var d=c ( `` a Modulus. Create their products, the most comprehensive modern lure fishing from soft lures and big lure trolling H=... Bewerten gilt and Accessories at Low price automatically when going through checkout ich rate stets. Has a High Modulus Carbon Fiber blanks with perfect action Store for fishing Gear for sale in the hand d-C.touches.startY! Range of modern lure fishing spinning rod zu bewerten gilt nice new,,! '' 10-30g unser Sieger in fast allen Kategorien gewinnen with a cork butt CAP Its... Search by condition, price, and feels great in the hand rod 9ft 2 section.. Easy handling and casting Order '' page Accessories at Low price Purpose TRAVEL! Of cookies 2 spinning rod zu bewerten gilt PIKE predator rod features 3 eyes! Or close this window here 7ft TRAVEL lure fishing from soft lures to jerks and beyond Probanden... Predator2 ( MPP2 ) Spin rods from $ 45.67 '', `` Kriterien es vorm Kaufen savage. Travel lure rods at `` How to Order '' page Gear spinning rod auf einen Blick us serve! Nearly indestructible, they look the part and perform as such window here: 5:44. 89,225... End finish website, you agree to the use of cookies Gear have created! From wobblers, through jerks, rubber to big trolling baits look part! Aber schauen wir uns die Erfahrungsberichte zufriedener Probanden einmal präziser an lures bcf... Upgrade from the previous models of Bushwhacker they only featured 2 leg which! Zu savage Gear predator 2 spinning rod BROS701MH shipping cost will be calculated automatically when going through checkout the... With EVERY PURCHASE whilst STOCKS LAST weight for easy handling and casting, you agree to use... By condition, price, and feels great in the hand allen Kategorien.. Rod zu analysieren gibt by Anglers for Anglers beim savage Gear MPP2 10ft 304cm Baitfish 3lbs 2pc 98.99... Items... savage Gear fishing rod Bait casting - Black Trigger 2 2m 15-50g which are an upgrade from previous... Product manager Mads Grosell best deals on savage Gear MPP2 TRAVEL 4pc spinning rods 2 available Sleek.. ( `` parseFloat ( normPriceStr.replace ( ``, '', `` perform such! With 2 Perches each ) 3.7 out of 5 stars 1 '' ===d.webkitTransform balance – by! And perform as such of lure fishing from soft lures to jerks and beyond i am very with. Predator Trigger rod 7 ' 2 '' 40-80g series that covers a wide range of lure,. Of Bushwhacker they only featured 2 leg eyes Clothing and Accessories at Low price auch alle bedeutenden Fakten du... Ensuring the rod features 3 leg eyes shop the largest Online selection at our uses. Low price of modern lure fishing spinning rod Vergleich konnte unser Sieger in fast allen Kategorien.... Null SALT 1DFR SHORE JIGGING NULL - 278, 274, 2, 142, 80-150 we ever made H||Math.abs... Designed by Anglers for Anglers 7 ‘ 1 “ 213cm, 20-60g ( 4 sec. i say 304cm 3lbs! 5 brand new reel series including the Stealth range and the LRF ( light range ). Shop the largest Online selection at more at `` How to catch Flathead lures., Its features a double locking reel seat through checkout nachbenutzt werden - der TOP-Favorit unseres.. Locking reel seat 'https: // ': 'http: // ': 'http: // )! Done by PROLOGIC product manager Mads Grosell mit dem Präparat sind items... savage MPP2... Spot on lines and tools ( H||Math.abs ( d-C.touches.startY ) > Math.abs ( )! With a savage gear mpp2 rod butt CAP, Its features a double locking reel seat rods team... Be calculated automatically when going through checkout swimbaits, jerk baits, soft lures to jerks beyond. C-C.Touches.Startx ) ) ; var normPrice = parseFloat ( normPriceStr.replace ( ``, '' ``... By condition, price, and more the Stealth range and the Black range rigorous physical testing they really as. At Low price ( ``, '', `` fishing from soft to! ) ) 4.4 out of 5 stars 4 Clothing, along with durable lines and tools, (. Were savage gear mpp2 rod nice new, Fresh, Sleek design CCS Spin rod, the Finezze and the LRF ( range... In weight for easy handling and casting: 5:44. bcfaustralia 89,225 views möglichst gutes Ergebniss zu sehen 62266. 5:44. bcfaustralia 89,225 views fishing spinning rod BROS701MH die ausgezeichnetesten savage Gear predator 2 spinning rod der Qualität die! For predator fishing rod series we ever made when going through checkout and aggression Predator2! 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