Hangover 2 Hotel

The Sky Bar at Lebua State Tower Hotel in Bangkok is more commonly known as the famous bar from Hangover 2. It has a highly sophisticated restaurant and bar 63 floors high above the city, reputedly the tallest rooftop bar in the world. In fact, visiting the ‘Hangover 2 hotel’ is one of the top ‘must do’ activities on most people’s bucket lists when they travel to Bangkok on holiday, so if you’re feeling stumped and overwhelmed about what to do on holiday in Bangkok, it may well be worth a visit.

And you know what? It’s not even that expensive – In many people’s home countries, an opulent, world famous hotel and bar sixty-three floors tall above the capital city would be far from their reach. The bar and restaurant can understandably be a little expensive by Bangkok’s standards, but to stay the night at the Hangover 2 Lebua hotel can actually cost from $100 a night. You can make bookings here.


Aside from the hotel’s popular association with Hangover 2, the views and atmosphere can be quite breath taking and there are many other equally impressive restaurants and bars within the tower to choose from.

Breeze restaurant serves world-class gourmet food with the choice of dining on a suspended glass sky-brige for a bird’s eye view of Bangkok city. Cafe Mozu is a colourful poolside cafe serving various world cuisines; Distil bar has it’s own nightly resident DJ and open-air cigar terrace; Lebua Lounge offers an extensive and high quality range of teas and pastries in a classic and cozy setting; the Sky Bar and Sirocco restaurant have amazing rooftop views, as seen in the Hangover 2 movie, and a live jazz band every night.


Cafe Mozu

If you are planning on visiting State Tower, it is highly recommended that you book at least seven days in advance to avoid disappointment.

How to get to the Hangover 2 Hotel

Head to the very western end of Silom Road and you will find it on the corner where the main road meets Charoen Krung Road. From BTS Saphan Taksin, head up Charoen Krung Road until you come to the next main intersection.



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