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Since moving, I have seriously struggled to earn money and find jobs in Thailand. Unless you are lucky enough to have been transferred from a job at home to Thailand, or you can work from your computer as a programmer or web designer, the work restrictions for foreigners in Thailand can make life difficult. There are still a few other ways to earn money in Thailand though…

Earn money in Thailand

Writing online

Anybody can do these jobs in Thailand, although it doesn’t pay so well for the lesser skilled. You can either write content and blogs on websites such as Hirewriters or Textbroker, or you can write reviews for There are also many websites that will sometimes advertise jobs writing product descriptions, for example, game descriptions and hotel descriptions for travel sites.

Hirewriters are not so fussy with the skill of their writers, but I have had trouble in the past actually signing up because they put a block on IP adresses from certain parts of the world. Textbroker pay better but are a little stricter – I actually, rather embarrassingly, was declined to join after submitting my writing sample to them. Ouch… but I’m not bitter or anything. (Puck you TextBroker! You ain’t gettin’ a link here, Puck You! *Sniff*)

Review Stream are easy to use to earn money in Thailand – you just need to write 200 word reviews for any product you choose and you can earn up to $3.50 each time. Their guidelines are very strict though and if you do not meet their criteria in your review, you only get about 50 cents… not so good. For the more creative people, try Squidoo or Zujava to write your own articles and earn money in Thailand.


If you have any kind of skill like translation, writing, designing, drawing, programming, music; try signing up to one of the many freelancing websites available for other jobs in Thailand. You can try Guru, Odesk and PeoplePerHour. It takes some persistence to establish yourself at first but it’s worth a try if you have the skills – people charge good money on freelance websites.

I don’t have any skills in particular myself, but I managed to nab a small but stable, long-term job in Thailand on PeoplePerHour. I just spend a couple of hours every morning updating somebody’s website and Facebook page with daily offers. From this, I earn about £15 – £20 (average 800 baht) per day from it – which is really helpful. I spend the rest of my time doing courses on so that I can learn new skills to earn money in Thailand on freelance websites.

Another more random website is Fiverr where you can charge $5 for just about absolutely anything you want. Alternatively, make use of your new found knowledge of Thailand with e-Curator, a new travel advice service that relies on expats for accurate and local tips. For a 30 minute Skype conversation with a traveller hoping to travel to your area, you will earn $6.50.


Randomly enough, there is a demand for foreigners to work in extra and acting jobs in Thailand. Extra jobs in thailand don’t always pay so well though, particularly jobs for the Thai and Bollywood film crews, but Extra work pays the bills nonetheless. You need no previous work experience or skills to do Extra jobs in Thailand but it helps to be persistent in requesting work and getting chummy with the agents. Sucking up to people is something that is not my forte though… Click here for more info on acting and extra jobs in Thailand.


Teaching jobs in Thailand are the most popular and well-known ways to earn money in Thailand. It is much easier if you have a degree and/ or TEFL teaching certificate. There are ways to get around this – build contacts to find jobs in Thailand without these requirements or find agents that can help find suitable teaching jobs in Thailand for you in kindergartens, for example.

Some agencies that might be able to work around a lack of degree in Thailand are Time2Talk, Super English, The Language, BFITS, and Malthus. If you struggle finding jobs in Thailand the honest way, you can always buy fake diplomas either online or on Khaosan Road. Teaching camps usually don’t require a degree and pay around 1000 bath per day for typical three day camps around Thailand. Check out Teaching jobs in Thailand for more info.

More on how to make money while living in Thailand

For a more comprehensive guide on how to earn money and jobs in Thailand, you may be interested in the e-book below. From all the books I’ve seen on making money while living in Thailand so far, this one seems the most honest, realistic and genuine – it’s not a dodgy get-rich-quick scheme but it does cover the most logical means of earning a modest amount of money to get by in Thailand. You can buy it for £$19.77 here.

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