Khaosan Road Bangkok

Khaosan Road, Bangkok… Either you love it or hate it. Usually you hate it when you’re sober but after a few drinks, it’s the most awesome place on Earth. Khaosan Road Bangkok is full of people trying to sell you junky souvenirs, lure you into suit shops, tempt you into ping pong shows (there are some very curious shows including one called ‘Pussy write letter’ and ‘Pussy shoot banana’) and backpackers drunkenly stumbling around in the road… all to the backdrop of some cheesy, pumping dance tunes.

It’s not ideal for families, at least not at night time anyway, but Khaosan Road is absolutely brilliant for solo travelers and groups of friends. Everybody on Bangkok Khaosan Road is in Holiday mode; people are typically pretty merry and talkative with one another so it’s great for meeting some new Thailand travel buddies.


Befriend random travelers from countries you didn’t even know existed, buy a bracelet that says ‘Mr Rape’ or ‘Sex my nuts’, eat a scorpion on a stick, marvel at the random break-dance-offs in the road, buy a Chang beer t-shirt and get drunk on a bucket of Sangsom for only $4… every young backpacker has got to visit Khaosan road at some point in Bangkok…

Just be prepared for the in-your-face atmosphere of people trying to sell you crap and the just plain loud backpackers with simply too much testosterone… take it all in good humour and wash it down with a Thai-style bottle of Sangsom and you’ll have a whale of a time! And before you get too irritated with the poor chaps trying to sell you stupid hats and useless souvenirs, remember they’re not exactly from privileged backgrounds and they have to deal with drunken, loud backpackers everyday for a living… poor guys.

More interested in some sober shopping on Khaosan road instead of the nightlife? Check out my shopping guide for more information on what you can buy on Khaosan Road.

How to get to Khaosan Road

There are many hostels and hotels on or nearby Khaosan Road in the Old City of Bangkok, in which case it is easy to find using signs or the map below…

khaosan road map

If you are staying further away from Khaosan road, you can catch a ferry from Saphan Taksin central pier (you can take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station right next to it) to Pra Athit pier.

Where to go on Khaosan Road

There aren’t really any specifically outstanding bars along Khaosan road, it’s just a matter of turning up and going with the flow. Do make sure to check out the adjacent road, Rambuttri Road, though. Rambuttri Road a little more subdued (just a little) and prettier – instead of blaring dance music, you may find some more chilled out live acoustic music. The bars aren’t such a squeeze to get into and streets are filled with pretty fairy lights and random flash mob break dances.

bangkok nightlife

Rambuttri Road

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