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Still relatively new, Launchpad launched it’s 800sq meter co-working office space in Bangkok, Sathorn, towards the end of 2012. As far as I know, there are currently only two co-working office spaces in Bangkok, the other being Hubba in Ekkamai. If you’re new to Bangkok and keen to meet some people, get some work done in a professional environment or simply just itching to get out of the condo, these shared offices are definitely worth a visit.

A day at Launchpad Bangkok

Greeted by two Thai receptionists, I paid my 220baht for the day, then proceeded to try mastering their fingerprint entry system. Upon your first visit you must register a fingerprint which becomes the lynchpin of your identity at Launchpad. Used by the doors for letting you access the various areas and for recalling your details on subsequent visits. After the 5th or 6th attempt to register my fingerprint, it began to look like gaining access just wasn’t meant to be, however after some special finger powder from the staff the scanners finally let me though.


Launchpad has 120 work-desks, five meeting rooms, a large recreational area with beanbags plus a games room with gaming consoles, pingpong table and various breakout spaces. Unlike HUBBA (another co-working space in Bangkok’s Ekamai district), I wasn’t given a tour nor had much opportunity to ask questions. The Thai-English language barrier seemed a lot more apparent at Launchpad than at HUBBA, which made asking questions more of an exercise in poorly acted charades than anything fruitful.

The desk space was good with plenty of room and, although I didn’t have access to a UK socket, there were spare adapters available if needed. The chairs were excellent, some kind of decent replica of a Mesh chair, with great lumbar support.

The environment seemed a little less expat friendly though. Most of the guys there were Thai, pretty young and mainly male with more technical type roles. Although the atmosphere was laid back and not particularly ‘office-y’ or stuffy, many seemed fully engrossed in their work; perhaps the illusive recreational area would have provided more conversation.

The overall feel was clinical and precise, a little like working in cubicles, minus the walls. Where compared to the contrast HUBBA’s organic friendly style it was a marked difference. I would recommend Launchpad as somewhere to go and get things done without distraction. However if you like the feeling of working in a more diverse and energetic, creative environment, I may point you towards HUBBA (Review pending).

How to get to Launchpad Co-working Space

Launchpad can be found on Thanon Pan just a 400 meter walk from BTS Surasak in Sathorn. It’s easy to find with it’s large ‘LAUNCHPAD’ stickered name on the window.

Address: Launchpad, Sethiwan Tower – 139 Thanon Pan, Bangkok, Thailand 10500


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