Live In Thailand

When I was trying to decide whether to move to Thailand, I found it hard to find out certain information to be able to judge whether it was feasible or even legally possible to live in Thailand. So basically I have compiled a collection of information which I have found while carrying out my Thai research to guide others alike. The website contains my own Thailand expat blog as well as tips & guides on life and travel in Thailand. This website can be used for both travel in Thailand and for expats alike, but to begin with, it was primarily written with expats and people with the idea of moving to Thailand on their minds.

How to move to Thailand… Firstly you will need to decide the place to live in Thailand most suitable for you. Bangkok is a bustling, busy city with so much to do and so many opportunities for expats. Outside of Bangkok though, particularly in the north of Thailand, I have found people to be more genuine and kind, the atmosphere more content and relaxed. But if one is to live in Thailand outside of the city, you would have to sacrifice some of the luxuries and entertainment that come with it.

Where to start

Wanna move to Thailand? You may want to begin with Thai Visas explained to see how you will stay in Thailand, then check out cost of living and renting for a rough idea of your estimated costs, and lastly Areas of Bangkok might be useful if you’re considering moving to the capital.

If you’re planning to travel in Thailand, you may want to start with my Bangkok tourist area guide where I have given a rough outline of where to stay with a selection of the best and most interesting hotels in Bangkok city. Check my Thai Price guide and Thailand Travel tips to avoid overpaying in the markets and also take a look at my Travel guide for trip ideas around Thailand. I have a weakness for eccentric and quirky places to explore off the beaten track, so if you’re enthusiastically nodding your head in a agreement to this idea right now, you may find my guide on what to do in Bangkok appealing.

Before I moved to Thailand

When I was deciding and playing with the idea of moving to Thailand back at home, I would have doubts and make excuses for myself not to go. From the day my partner first suggested the idea of living in Thailand to me, I think it must have taken about 2 years before we actually bit the bullet and moved.

 We had a house with a mortgage, comfortable jobs… life was just… comfortable and content. But there was also something missing; life was boring, uneventful and empty and this is what drove us to strive for more. At the same time as this though, you are filled with fear at the thought of sacrificing these ‘safe’ things in order to live in another country. We’d have to rent out our house which I had become so attached to and I’d have to quit my job – a really nice and easy job too.

In retrospect, these things seem completely negligible now. I even forget I own a house. I work as an extra in Bangkok and I live in a sunny, tropical country. It’s these doubting thoughts in our minds, the thoughts that put things off for another day ‘one day I’ll do this’, it’s this mindset that holds people back from following their dreams. We have moderately comfortable lives, hard to risk and easy to settle for, and essentially end up clinging and becoming stuck in our routine. Rightly so maybe, other unfortunate people have sucky situations in life so sometimes we need to appreciate our lot in life.

Life is boring…

But living in Thailand is awesome.  If you want to do something, don’t listen to that destructive, lazy voice in the back of your mind. Thailand is full of opportunity. You will most likely meet new people and find work in Thailand, whatever. Anyway, in my opinion it’s better to have tried and failed at something than to always be wondering ‘what if…’. The regret of not doing something is always much stronger and more painful than failing at it. Just drop the ‘someday’ attitude and develop a yes man attitude. I’m a socially awkward person at times, far from outgoing and confident, but if I can do it anybody can.


I hope you find the site useful and enjoy reading. If any of you reading this take the plunge to live in Thailand and found this site useful, awesome. If there is anything you would like to add to the site, or you have some feedback on my writing then please get in touch.