MBK Center Bangkok

Shopping Budget: $

Average Clothing Prices: 250 baht

The MBK Center in Bangkok is an extremely popular mall notorious among expats and holiday makers for it’s cheap prices and knockoff brands. Both loved and loathed by expats in the Bangkok community, MBK has a rather hectic atmosphere due to it’s attractive bargains.

The interior of the MBK in Bangkok is pretty much to be expected of a typical cheap shopping centre; dull and boring to look at! Maybe I’ve been spoilt by the glitzy malls of Thailand’s capital city, but MBK just doesn’t float my boat personally. Not only does MBK Center have ugly, harsh florescent lighting and a rather soulless interior, but it seems to be constantly busy and full of shoppers searching for the cheapest bargain. MBK is not exactly one of the most stress-free malls to shop in Bangkok…


However, MBK seems to be one of the more popular malls for the men in Bangkok, perhaps because of it’s wide range of t-shirts and polo shirts, and it’s large section dedicated to the latest technologies and gadgets. You can buy up a simple t-shirt at the MBK from around 150 baht.

One of the best shops in MBK for both men and women’s clothes shopping is Warehouse Export (there are actually a couple of them in the MBK), which sells factory rejects of some fashionable brands such as H&M and Tommy Hilfiger. Other than this, MBK is a little lacking in cool and fashionable clothing shops – it is, however, ideal for tourists shopping for pretty Thai holiday dresses and popular Chang beer or Red Bull vests.

You can buy some cheap shoes from the MBK from as little as 199 baht a pair, but then you do get what you pay for. Bata and Footin, which are located on the second floor, are some very good Bangkok shoe shops which sell good quality shoes from just 199 baht for simple, comfortable sandals. For sneakers shopping, a particularly useful trainer shop at MBK is Genesis, which sells some cool Vans, Nike and Adidas sneakers.


MBK is pretty much the best place to head in Bangkok for knockoff brand shopping though. You’ll find absolutely loads of knockoff brands – many of them pretty close replicas – including Billabong, Lacoste and Diesel. If you head all the way to the top floor, you’ll find a large section of the MBK dedicated to Thai trinkets, lighting and souvenirs perfect as holiday gifts and crafts.

How to get to MBK

You can take the BTS sky train to National Stadium on the Silom Line. This is easy to navigate on the BTS as the National Stadium is actually the terminal station on all the station signs. Once you arrive at the National Stadium, follow signs to the MBK Center. There is actually a second floor walkway which leads directly inside the mall.

Thai Boxing at the MBK

Every Wednesday evening, the MBK Center actually holds Thai Fight Night Boxing matches… for free! Compared to the high amount charged to foreigners by the Lumpini Thai Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, this is a great opportunity for anybody with an interest in Thai Boxing.

Head on over to the MBK Center from 6pm and you’ll find a small ring just outside of the main doors. Matches start every Wednesday from 6pm.

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