Moose Bar & Restaurant Bangkok

The Moose Bar is a very modern and quirky, cool bar located on Ekkamai Soi 21 near the equally eccentric Tuba Bar. It has a real cool clientele yet still maintains a casual and mellow, chilled out atmosphere. The inside of the Moose Bar itself is spacious, dark (verging on vintage gothic perhaps) and simple with dim lighting.

moose bar bangkok

Not a place to be seen, but a place to be cool

There are subtle, quirky decorations throughout and a steady theme of hunting-trophy style moose heads mounted on the walls (actually, after long cocktail fuelled debates and googling – deer heads, not moose heads. Without sounding too pedantic).

moose bar bangkok

The list of cocktails at the Moose Bar is impressive with cheaper drinks starting at about 140 baht and specialty cocktails costing up to 250 baht per glass. Make sure to head to the Moose Bar Bangkok at happy hour for buy one get one free drinks between 5pm and 8pm. Also be sure to try the Gimlet, a particularly good cocktail with subtle herby flavours.

moose bar bangkok

The background music played at the Moose Bar is usually more of the typical accoustic Thai pop-style music, which makes it real pleasant and laid back to hang out. Some nights, the Bangkok Moose Bar hosts live music sessions too.

moose bar bangkok

How to get to the Moose Bar Bangkok

You can take a taxi from Ekkamai BTS to Ekkamai Soi 21 for about 40 – 50 baht depending on traffic. Walk in the Soi just a few metres and you will notice the Moose bar just ahead on the left hand side.

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