Mr Jones’ Teddy Bear Orphanage Bangkok

Mr Jones’ Teddy Bear Orphanage is a quirky and cute Bangkok patisserie with unique character – there are two branches in Bangkok, one cafe located in Seen Space, Thonglor (on soi 13), and the other cafe in Siam Centre (at BTS Siam). The attention to detail and presentation is amazing – Teddy bears line the walls, swing above from the ceiling and even squeeze in amongst the cafe seating and tables. Mr Jones’ cafe interior is light and airy with classic, pine decor and an elaborately enchanting display of amazing cakes for customers to choose from in the foyer.

Bangkok cafe

Mr Jones’ Teddy Bear Orphanage offers take-away or eat-in and have also recently added a brunch menu to accompany their drinks and desserts; brunch menu prices start from 150 baht and they offer tuna sandwiches, classic eggs and bacon and eggs bennedict. Patisserie cakes cost from around 80 baht to 150 baht and they have pretty much any kind of dessert and flavour you can dream of, from giant marshmallows and apple pies to oreo pizzas and custard cow poos. For all the other brits out there, they even have english scones and jam! Something I’ve craved in Bangkok for months (*drool).

Mr jones teddy bear orphange


Smoothies, coffees and milkshakes can cost up to 150 baht. It’s not that cheap for Bangkok but hey, you’re also paying for the scenery and charm that comes with it. When the waitresses serve your food and drinks, you almost don’t want to ruin the effort put into making it by eating it – food and drinks come served with a tiny, toy soldier accompanied by a delicate pot of yogurt, strawberries and flowers positioned on the side of the plate.

'Mr Jones' Teddy Bear Orphanage

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