Mystery Job – Interview Day

After a random and unexpected job offer from Bob Anderson in Bangkok, (mentioned in my previous post here) today was interview day. I arrived prepared for the worst and dubious that it might be a scam.

Bob Anderson’s english turned out to be quite a lot worse than I remember. There had definitely been a bit of a mis-communication. ‘So what sort of job are you interested in in Bangkok?’, he keeps asking. I was a little unprepared for this as I assumed he had a specific job lined up for me from what he told me yesterday.

After a long walk across various walkways and through various shopping centres, (my bodyguard boyfriend James-Bonding-it-up and sneakily following us behind)  we reached a Bangkok office. Pretty flashy and corporate looking. Anyway, Bob Anderson introduced me to the Director and we moved on into a small glass-walled room with a dozen chairs in it and a white board. He began asking me about my previous work and education history, which is a little embarrassing as it’s not the most impressive career background, and then continued to ask me what sort of work I’m after. Again, I really don’t know, I don’t have any idea what kind of work is available to me in Bangkok (being simple and unskilled as I am).

He explains a couple of jobs they have available for me in Bangkok, but through his broken english I don’t quite understand the details exactly. Then his colleague, the director entered. Next I had to sit through a long presentation on the white board about a pyramid scheme where I would have to buy some useless product for £600 and then I’d be able to make thousands of dollars every month apparently. Woohoo! ;p Bit surreal and awkward when you’re a one man audience sat alone in the middle of a boardroom twiddling your thumbs, not in the slightest bit interested in signing up to the scam. After 20 minutes of the presentation, the two of them switched back (never to mention the subject of the Pyramid scheme scam again by the way) to asking me what sort of work I’d be interested in.

Anyway, to finish it all off, a huge, very serious african gentleman dropped them a visit and I have to say, he was one of the scariest, most intimidating people I’ve ever met. I guess he was a little less patient with Bob Anderson’s overly quiet, beating around the bush, broken English style and eventually he started getting a bit shouty and it was all very awkward. And then I left. After about 1 and a half hours of arriving there :/

…At least I had a bash at it.

Recruitment scam in Bangkok

UPDATE: A few months later in Bangkok, I noticed a post on my Facebook news feed warning people about a man who had stolen a small business’s identity and website and was tarnishing their name with various scams. Other people commented and the gist of it seemed to be that he was tricking people into the sex trade and screwing other people over with their pay on other jobs.  I recognised the name so I clicked on the link to his Facebook  and – yup you guessed it – it was the very same person who approached and interviewed me. That explains why we thought he seemed so dodgy when we looked into all his different scam websites and names obviously. Apparently he goes by many aliases, but the main one he goes by is ‘Bob Anderson’. 

recruitment scam thailand

This is the second Facebook post I’ve seen about ‘the notorious Bob Anderson’ to date


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