On Nut Night Market & Beer Garden Bangkok

On Nut is an area of Bangkok not particularly well known for it’s shopping or lively nightlife. However, come evening time when the Thai locals finish work, On Nut comes alive with clothes stalls, food, beer and live music. By Bangkok’s standards, the night market at On Nut is comparably tiny against the other mammoth sized markets of Bangkok, but cheap and cheerful nonetheless.

On Nut Shopping

The Bangkok night market at On Nut is heavily geared towards Thai girls heading out for some after-work bargain shopping. Sellers here are genuine and prices cheap, plus there are some cool clothes and shoes at On Nut night market. You can find men’s t-shirts here – but literally only about four stalls catered towards men, sorry chaps. For SuperDry fans, make sure to check out the knock off SuperDry stall which sells some cool knockoff SuperDry T-shirts for around 300 baht.

Prices vary from 100 baht for standard blouses and t-shirts, to about 1600 baht for custom made dresses and jump suits. On Nut night market is perfect for a relaxed bit of casual Bangkok shopping as opposed to the stress of delving into the bigger, gargantuan markets such as Chatuchak and Pratunam¬†market. It doesn’t need any longer than 30 minutes to an hour to look around properly. It’s not all about the shopping at On Nut night market though…

on nut night market

On Nut Beer Garden

Facing On Nut night market from the road, head to the right until you come across more food stalls and less clothes and handbags; this is the On Nut beer garden. Well… I’m not sure if you could call it a beer garden, but the bar area at On Nut night market is basically an outdoor pub surrounded by a wall of food stalls and covered with a tent-like roof.

The atmosphere is super relaxed with a gathering of both local Thais and local expats. It’s not the sleekest and cleanest looking bar – it IS a local night market after all – but, as standard in Bangkok, it’s still table service and there is a live Thai band performance most evenings. Toilets cost 3 baht per use and are of the authentic squat variety… not everybody’s cup of tea and an obvious indication that this is not the glamourous place to dress up.

on nut night market

Beer is cheap at On Nut night market, costing from 40 baht per bottle to 100 baht per pint to 500 per 5L tower. There is loads of food to choose from, from 120 baht sushi sets, chicken katsu curry for 79 baht, Thai food for 40 baht and roti pancakes for 30 baht.

There are especially loads of Thai dishes and Thai desserts to drool over; it’s a great place to go and sample the local Thai cuisine without breaking the bank. And the sushi is surprisingly good – Upon realising that I was ordering raw fish from what was basically a shabby looking trolley, I did start to regret my decision, but it is actually really delicious (and I didn’t die after all).

On Nut night market is ideal for a dressed down, chilled out and cheap night out in Bangkok – Thai style!

How to get to On Nut night market

On Nut night market is easy to find in Bangkok – just take the BTS to On Nut and you can see the illuminated tents from the station. The market opens from around 6pm, seven days a week.

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