Best Place To Buy Clothes In Bangkok

Are you struggling to find cool clothes shops in Bangkok? Scratch that, are you looking for a shop in Bangkok that sells cool clothes, at a cheap price and in all sizes including plus size? I’m personally not keen on the quality and styles of the clothes on the streets and in the markets of Bangkok, but then on the other hand, I can’t afford to buy the overpriced fashionable clothes in the big Bangkok malls either…

Best place to buy clothes in Bangkok

My favourite shop for buying clothes in Bangkok is called Warehouse Export (N.B. not the famous European brand Warehouse). It sells a range of clothing sizes all the way up to XXL plus sizes for both men and women. This chain of shops specialise in importing clothing, particularly from Korean brands and other popular fashion brands such as H&M. The thing is though, they don’t tend to advertise this and so are a somewhat underrated, unappreciated clothing shop in Bangkok.

I have been to H&M in the Bangkok malls before during their big sales of up to 70% off and it get’s crazy! Everybody in Thailand seems to love H&M particularly the richer people, despite it’s reputation in the West as a budget brand! However I’ve seen clothing in Warehouse Export for a quarter of the price of what I’ve seen the exact same item selling for in H&M. Not quite sure how they manage that one, but basically, always make sure you check out Warehouse in Bangkok before shopping for clothes in H&M or you might end up kicking yourself!

Warehouse Export mainly price their clothing at two standard prices, the most common clothes prices being 220 baht and 280 baht for dresses, and 350 baht for denim jackets. Other than the good quality, another bonus of shopping in Warehouse in Bangkok is that they have changing rooms! Great, now you don’t have to waste your money buying clothes that don’t fit properly or just look plain unflattering.

Warehouse sells some really cool clothes and has a really wide range from cardigans, denim jeans and jackets, scarves, vests, casual dresses, maxi dresses, t-shirts, hoodies… everything! The Bangkok Warehouse shops tend to be pretty tiny and tightly packed, it’s a bit of a squeeze but still nicely laid out to not be messy like a jumble sale.

Where to buy clothes in Bangkok

For cool styles, bargain prices and plus size clothing in Bangkok, Warehouse Export have branches all over the city, in fact all over Thailand I believe. In Silom, head to Silom Central and check out the third floor opposite Asia Books. In Asoke, you can find Warehouse on the London floor of Terminal 21 (exact floor to be confirmed!) just at the top of the escalator.

There are two Warehouse Export outlets in the MBK – pick up a map at the entrance to find them (the MBK branches are very small though – they may not have changing rooms if I remember rightly). Or, if you live across the river in Thonburi, The Mall Thapra  near BTS Talat Phlu also has a branch.

Anyway, in my opinion, this is where to buy clothes in Bangkok. 80% of my wardrobe in Bangkok came from Warehouse! Cheap clothes, pretty dresses, cool clothing and plus size in Bangkok.

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