Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

The Purr Cat Cafe Club in Thonglor is a kooky Bangkok tea room owned by a local Thai soap star. If you love animals or you simply want to hang with a crap load of mega fluffy cats with bulgy bum faces while classily drinking tea from a pot, then make sure you get yourself down to the Bangkok Cat Cafe!


A visit to the Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok

The cat cafe is in a cute little building set back just off of the main road. On arrival, you need to remove your shoes outside where you’ll be greeted by a charming butler-type lady with a welcoming change of slippers for you. After feeling all homey and cosy, you’ll then be led over to a sink station to wash your hands – if you touch the cats with unwashed hands or break any other of the cat rules, you’ll be fined 1000 baht.


After being shown into the next room (more like a midway decontamination room), your host will then proceed to squirt anti bacterial gel onto your hands before allowing you to enter the mighty cat lair. Very sterile and perhaps over dramatic but I do love a bit of weird, OCD cleanliness for cats.


Inside the Cat Cafe

The interior of the Purr Cat Cafe Club features a prominent, miniature cat staircase which leads to a second little cat floor full of sleeping felines. There are mainly two seating areas for customers: a play area on the floor with fluffy mats and low tables, and a comfier seating area along the window.


When you take your seat, you’ll be handed a list of rules and a food menu. You don’t really have to worry about the rules too much – it’s pretty much common sense stuff like ‘don’t punch the cats’… You probably need help if you’ve gone to a Cat Cafe to punch cats to be honest.


The Purr Cat Cafe Club menu includes an extensive choice of teas and coffees, plus a few sweet and savoury dishes such as caesar salad, ice cream and chocolate cake. The prices are fair – a pot of tea costs 150 baht, coffees cost around 100 baht and a serving of cat shaped cookies with chocolate dipping sauce costs 80 baht.


I think it’s more of a cafe to just drink rather than eat to be honest – it feels a bit wrong eating in a room packed full of cats climbing on the tables and sitting next to you while licking their tiny, little cat gonads. I personally think that the cats should be the ones washing their hands.


One of the cats fell asleep on my camera bag, that was awkward. I’m still picking the cat hairs from my camera to this day… Sorry for having to wake you, little bum face cat dude 🙁 🙁 🙁

How to get to the Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok

You can have a taxi take you to Sukhumvit Soi 53 or, alternatively, take the BTS Sky Train to Thonglor station. The Purr Cat Cafe Club in only a 10 minute walk from the station – take exit 1 and then turn into Sukhumvit 53. The Cat Cafe is a 5 minute walk past a couple of wine bars on the left hand side. Just keep an eye out for the sign.


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