Rock Pub Bangkok

Need some good music in your life in Bangkok?! Hell yeah, tell me about it…

The Rock Pub in Bangkok has live music every night starting from around 9.30pm. The bands seem to be mainly cover bands for punk, grunge, rock and old skool metal genres and they’re pretty spot on with their reproductions. In my experience so far, many Thai singers seem awesome at mimicking original voices and styles.

Regular Greenday cover band

The pub itself is not too bad inside – where I’m from, if you go to an alternative style bar or live music venue, it’s gonna be pretty grubby and dingy. It’s just to be expected. But the Rock Pub in Bangkok is kept pretty clean – nice leather stools, flat screen TVs with music videos… whilst still maintaining a smooth, dimly lit, alternative, badass aura about it. Oh and the acoustics are good or whatever.


Don’t expect it to be that cheap though. But then don’t be a scab – live music venues and bars never are. Beers cost from 119 baht a bottle to 750 baht for a 3 litre tower of Chang and from 75 baht for a soft drink.

How to get to the Rock Pub Bangkok

Head to BTS station Ratchatewi and take the exit opposite Asia Hotel (which has it’s own floating link from the station). It’s right at the bottom of the BTS steps, next to the fried banana lady. Mmm fried banana lady.


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