SD Bar BQ Buffet Bangkok

For an authentic, Thai buffet dining experience, SD Bar BQ in Ekkamai Bangkok is cheap, cheerful and highly popular with the locals. The SD Bar BQ premises are simple and open-style with just a roof to protect customers from the rain. It gets very busy and lively, crammed with about fifty long, wooden bench tables and decorated with fairy lights along the roadside front.

There is no air con and the Bangkok buffet is the popular Thai type of do-it-yourself bar bq with your very own grill on each table – in case you hadn’t guessed, this makes eating at SD Bar BQ buffet very, very hot.

sd bar bq bangkok

Food prices are simple at SD Bar BQ Bangkok with serve-yourself buffets costing either 129 baht or 250 baht per person. For 129 baht, you can eat your fill of bar bq meats, salads, vegetables, curries, dim sum, sushi, Thai snacks such as spring rolls, som tam, fruit and Thai desserts.

For 250 baht, you can have your pick of all of the above but with a choice of shell fish for the bar bq too. The SD Bar BQ staff will set up your very own grill for you to get started cooking the raw meats. There are plenty of cooked meats to eat if the do-it-yourself cooking approach doesn’t appeal to you though.

Overall, for only 129 baht all you can eat Thai buffet, the food at SD Bar BQ is very tasty. Beer towers are also very popular at SD Bar BQ costing only around 500 baht for 2.5 L of beer. The atmosphere at SD Bar BQ Bangkok buffet is very laid back, local and casual. It’s popularity with the locals is a good sign but also, when I went, I was the only foreigner there – I think this makes for ideal off the beaten track, authentic and local Thai dining.

How to get to SD Bar BQ Bangkok buffet

SD Bar BQ Bangkok is located on the main Sukhumvit 71 road near Ekkamai soi 29.



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