Shopping Guide: Prices In Thailand

Thailand Shopping Price Guide

Haggling and bargaining for prices in Thailand is standard shopping practice but it’s not always so easy for a foreigner shopping in Thai markets when, for example, you don’t know how much clothing typically costs; Not to mention when you are buying something in an foreign currency as well. Some of the street vendors in Thailand can be… a little untrustworthy and sneaky when it comes to giving prices to a ‘farang’…

They may well act charming and generous, offering you discount and ‘special prices’, but in reality some of them will take advantage and you may well end up paying as much as five times the actual price. So for anybody new to shopping in Thailand, wondering how the hell much stuff is supposed to cost and worrying if they’re being scammed or not… here is a rough Thailand shopping price guide for you!

Please note that these prices are rough… they are merely the cheapest prices I have found so far in Thailand and individual products may differ in quality and value:

Average prices in Thailand

Small pineapple or melon chopped fruit bag       10 baht
Whole dragon fruit chopped                              15 baht
Corn on the cob                                              15 baht
Pack of 5 pomelo segments                             20 baht
Large rose apple or pineapple fruit bag              20 baht
Small bottle of pomegranate juice                     40 baht

Ipod cover                                                      100 baht
Knockoff Beats By Dr Dre earbuds                    80 baht
Knockoff Beats By Dr Dre Headpones (Medium)150 baht
Knockoff Beats By Dr Dre Headpones (Large)    300 baht
Fake Samsung Galaxy S3                               3500 baht
Large suitcase                                                1500 baht
Fake knockoff sunglasses – Rayban, Oakley    100 baht

Standard T-shirt                                              200 baht
Fake knockoff SuperDry T-shirt                        350 baht
Ladies Denim Jacket                                       390 baht
Ladies Jeans Shorts/ Hotpants                         80 baht
Embroidered Handbag                                     100 baht








Thin (faux) Leather Belt                     50 baht
Chunky Leather Belt                         150 baht
Sarong or pashmina                          50 – 199 baht
Crochet Cropped Cardigan (bolero)     250 baht
Ladies Vest                                      35 baht
Plain Leggings                                  100 – 150 baht
Flip Flops                                          From 40 baht
Fake Havaiana Flip Flops                  150 baht
Ladies Rope Thonged Sandals           250 baht


Thailand shopping tip:

Never pay more than 300 baht for a low quality pair of shoes in Thailand. If the price is more than 500 baht, then they should be decent quality shoes… even some of the fancier malls in Thailand price some good shoes from 390 baht – so bare this in mind. And for a price of more than 800 baht, you can some very nice quality shoes. I will add more when I can, but anybody: please feel free to contribute more Thailand prices (or correct)!

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