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There are so many different shopping malls and markets to visit in Bangkok, it can be quite overwhelming to decide where to go for the best shopping in Bangkok for you – particularly if your time in Bangkok is limited. People have different styles, tastes and different shopping budgets too. So take a look at my guide to the best shopping in Bangkok – it’s even in order of price range with the cheapest markets for shopping in Bangkok starting first!

If you have a tight budget and are looking for some super cheap shopping in Bangkok, welcome to part one of my Best Shopping in Bangkok guide. If you’d prefer to skip the cheaper Bangkok markets, check out part two for the shopping malls in Bangkok.


Siam street shopping in Bangkok

Whenever I need to buy something specific in Bangkok and don’t have much time, I always go shopping in the streets of Siam along the road from Central World to Big C. Along Siam, you can find most things from knockoff Hollister joggers for 120 baht, hotpant shorts (FYI great for pole dancing!) 100 baht and vests at 30 baht each.

It’s all cheap and basic Bangkok shopping and I love it. It’s great for easy shopping in Bangkok – one simple stretch of road and a diversity of stalls. Just make sure you head to Siam for shopping in the evening as there are many more stalls to choose from by this time.

+ Tip: Where to buy cheap office clothes for an interview in Bangkok?  For the best shopping in Bangkok for office clothing and suits, make sure to head down to the Super K Outlet – a Korean discounted fashion outlet. Super K Outlet frequently has on sales of up to 90% discounts, so you can buy some nice office skirts and jackets etc reduced from as much as 1995 baht down to as little as 100 baht. Not to mention all the scarves, hats and sunglasses they sell at Super K Outlet.

Super K Outlet has been my saviour on many an occasion when I have needed emergency smart clothes in Bangkok that I don’t want to spend all my money on. You can’t miss it – It’s directly opposite Central World on Petchaburi Road complete with Korean pop music blaring and pulsating out from it. (Update – Super K Outlet in Bangkok may have closed down now)

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Shopping on a budget, shopping for office clothing in the Super K Outlet.

Average price range at Siam: Low, from 30 – 150 baht

How to get to Siam: Either take the BTS to Siam and you’ll find a shopping market on the opposite side of the road to Siam Paragon. Or take the BTS to Chit lom and then head past Gaysorn towards Central World . You can’t miss it, the streets towards Pratunam and the streets opposite Paragon at Siam Square become alive with Bangkok street stalls. Most of the Siam markets won’t open until in the evening after rush hour.


Pratunam Market Bangkok

Pratunam is huge area of outdoor and indoor indie wholesale Bangkok market stalls and in my opinion it is makes the best shopping in Bangkok for the biggest bargains of all. Pratunam market is where most Bangkok market stall owners buy all their products in bulk. Obviously you will get a better discount in Pratunam market if you buy more than one item from a shop but it’s still pretty cheap, and due to the sheer size of it, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for if you’re after something specific. 

Pratunam market in Bangkok is MASSIVE. You can find many plain and simple items of clothing in Pratunam (reminding me a little of what you might buy in the budget shopping ranges like New Look) such as cardigans, leggings, harem trousers and vest tops… and you can also buy many colourful shirts, printed t-shirts and brightly patterned dresses. Most of this costing less than 200 baht per item.

However, Pratunam is primarily a wholesale market and not so much intended for individual shopping or shoppers just gaily and aimlessly mincing around in their own world. Because of this, it can give one the feeling of just.. well, being in the way. The shopping corridors on the inside of Pratunam market tend to be absolutely tiny and crammed full of busy sellers, people hurriedly pushing through with huge trolleys and even the odd motorbike squeezing their way through.

It’s a pretty crazy Bangkok shopping experience, and similarly on the outside, you are constantly trying not to get run over by the heavy traffic while shopping and browsing through the tiny and tightly packed together shops. Because of this stressful and heavily crowded atmosphere, I find I am unable to shop for long in Pratunam market… Personally it’s too big for me and my mousey brain gets confused – I just find shopping in Pratunam market to be frustrating and the clothing not really worth it.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Bargain shopping, buying in bulk

Average price range at Pratunam market: Low 100 – 250 baht

How to get to Pratunam Market: Located up Petchaburi Road Bangkok, opposite from Platinum Fashion mall (See below) and around Baiyoke tower area.


Platinum Fashion Shopping Mall Bangkok

Platinum Fashion Shopping Mall has some cool shops, with some different styles to your standard Bangkok fashions. There is something to be found at Platinum Fashion Mall to suit everyone’s tastes, from hippy chic pants to rock chick t-shirts to glamorous dresses – Check the second floor of Platinum Fashion Mall in particular for some more individual styles.

Platinum Fashion is great for shopping wholesale in bulk, so it’s best if you have a friend or two to come with. I would recommend avoiding haggling at Platinum Fashion Mall if you are only buying one or a couple of items as this is a wholesale market so they are unlikely to reciprocate. The prices at Platinum Fashion Mall are decent – on average around 250 baht for a top. Maybe not as cheap as some of the clothes you might buy from the other Bangkok markets, but worth every baht in quality and design.

Another big bonus about shopping at the Platinum Fashion Mall is that it’s quite compact and not too overwhelming. It’s smaller than a lot of the other Bangkok shopping malls but still big enough and diverse enough to find what you need.

Though, the only downside about Platinum Fashion Mall is that the shop owners don’t allow you to try clothes on. Even if you wanted to try a shirt on over your vest for example – not allowed. This means you can end up wasting money on clothes that end up looking better on the hanger but rubbish when you get home and try it on.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Low budget, alternative and different styles

Average price range at Platinum Fashion Mall: Low 150 – 300 baht

How to get to Platinum Fashion Mall: Get off at BTS Chit Lom, follow signposts for Central World, turn and walk down the road at Central World so that Gaysorn is on the opposite side of the road to you and Central World on your right. Keep walking straight for about 5 – 10 minutes minutes – Platinum Fashion Mall is just past Baskin Robbins on your left. 


Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

Of all the Bangkok markets, in my opinion Chatuchak market makes for the best shopping in Bangkok and is by far one of the biggest markets, full of both tourists and Thais alike. One of the big bonuses of Chatuchak market is that it is a pleasant Bangkok shopping experience due to the market stall owners and shop assistants being a little more mellow and fair. What I mean when I say this is that the whole atmosphere is friendlier and they don’t desperately pounce on you or pester you like at some other Bangkok markets.

On top of that, many of the stalls have marked prices charging the same for both foreigners and Thais. For all those out there who detest haggling in Bangkok as much as I do, then Chatuchak market is the ultimate Bangkok market shopping experience! Even just as a day out to browse the arts and crafts, hard and soft furnishings, or gawk at the cute puppies, Chatuchak market is great fun!

The clothes, jewellery and bags at Chatuchak market are very diverse in style as and you can buy handmade jewellery from 30 baht or as little as 100 baht for a cute dress when some places have sales on. You can find any style of clothing from the brightly coloured, cheap summery dresses (typical of all the tourist markets) to simple, popular Thai fashions to very cool, unique clothing from indie designers.

For men, there are a good selection of T-shirts with many different designs up to size XL. There are also whole sections dedicated to denim wear, second hand clothing and converse shoes. Especially great for those with a taste for shopping bohemian and alternative styles.

Chatuchak market can get very busy though, even in the BTS station it can be quite a challenge to even make it to the market! Not only this, but it is absolutely huge. This may be a plus for some people but it’s easy to get lost and confused with where you’ve covered so far. Just make sure you go on the weekend – in the week Chatuchak market turns into an agricultural plant market.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Sightseeing and shopping for ethnic, bohemian stlyes of clothing and house wares

Average price range at Chatuchak market: Low 150 – 250 baht

How to get to Chatuchak Market: Follow the crowds from BTS Mo Chit Station


Khaosan Road Market Bangkok

If you’re struggling to find clothes in Bangkok to suite your tastes amongst the ultra girly, ribbon adorned Thai fashion, Khaosan road is your place. It definitely caters more for the Westerners shopping tastes… Khaosan Road has loads of hippy style clothing and alternative jewellery…

It’s all relatively cheap but nothing is priced so there is of course a chance of overpaying unless you are an expert haggler… shopping is still usually fairly priced at Khaosan Road though, even if you are ripped off a little bit… just see my Bangkok shopping price guide for tips anyway. Some of the goods along Khaosan Road can be a little cheap in the way of materials and quality, but if you look hard enough you can still find some better quality items; leather cuffs, flowery cotton dresses, handmade earrings etc.

best shopping in bangkok

Khaosan Road

It can get a tad manic so if you’re not a fan of the typical tourist-trap vibed places then this may not be the best shopping in Bangkok for you. Khaosan Road is perfect for shopping in the evening and having a few drinks in the bars along the way though otherwise! Be sure to check out the road adjacent to Khaosan Road, Rambuttri Road, which is a little more mellow and nicer on the eyes.

Best shopping in bangkok for: T-shirts, bohemian styles, dresses and clothing for Western tastes

Price range at Khaosan Road: Low 150 – 300 baht

How to get to Khaosan Road: Ferry to Pra Arthit pier from Saphan Taksin

rambuttri road khaosan road

Rambuttri Road, next to Khaosan


Train market Bangkok

Update: As of May 2013, Rod Fai Market has been demolished to make way for the new Bangkok BTS route. But the new Rod Fai Market has now relocated – You can read more about the new train market in Bangkok here.

The Train market, or Talad Rod Fai as it is sometimes called, is located very near to Jatujak market and, similarly to Chatuchak market, is also only open on the weekends, but only in the evenings. The Train market is a cool and quirky place to hang out in Bangkok – you can chill out in one of the small bars opened up from the back of Volkswagen camper, or you can browse the old antique displays and trinkets for sale.

In keeping with the antique and vintage theme of the Bangkok market, the clothing is also mostly vintage in style as well. You can also find many stalls selling cheap, second hand converse trainers and other sneakers quite cheaply. Randomly, I also found an underwear stall here, where they sell some good underwear sets for 150 baht. Overall, the train market has a real nice, laid back vibe to it – a pleasant environment for shopping in Bangkok and listening to some good music.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Vintage clothing and retro knick knacks, or just chilling out and drinking a beer

Average price range at the Train Market: Low 150 – 250 baht

How to get to the Bangkok Train Market: From MRT Kamphaeng Phet station, walk about five minutes in the opposite direction of Jatujak market (after 5pm Saturday and Sunday). It is on the right side of the road.


Patpong Night Market Bangkok

My opinion on shopping in Bangkok Patpong Market – Avoid it. Patpong Night Market can be a bit of a tourist trap, you do not see Thai people shopping at Patpong Market. In my opinion, Patpong Market sells the same clothing and souvenirs as most of the other markets, only they seem to target Westerners and so inflate their prices big time.

Nothing has a price tag and you are expected to haggle when shopping at Patpong market, which to me is a bad sign unless you are an expert haggler. I asked the price of a crappy looking pair of rope thong sandals at Patpong Market – just because I needed a cheap temporary pair. The sales woman said ‘1000 baht’.  She then followed me with her calculator asking how much I wanted to pay to which I was not interested in the slightest!

I found these shoes elsewhere for 250 baht while shopping at Asiatique a week later. The only positive about shopping at Patpong market, is that they have a supply of larger sized clothing to fit westerners, in case you are having trouble finding clothes in Bangkok to fit.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Plus sizes and souvenirs

Average price range at Patpong Market: Low, 150 – 1000 baht

How to get Patpong Night Market: Can be seen from BTS Saladaeng station


Asiatique Bangkok

Asiatique is similar to Chatuchak market in Bangkok but not as big. Maybe if you feel a little overwhelmed by Chatuchak, Asiatique would be a good substitute for market shopping in Bangkok. Also, if you are more interested in mixing your Bangkok shopping up with some fine dining and pretty, night time lights – this is your market!

best shopping in Bangkok

Asiatique is great just for a visit and even just window shopping in Bangkok – There is plenty of clothing, trinkets and soft furnishings to choose from (very similar to some of the shopping in Chatuchak market). If you like Asiatique, also try K-Village which is very similar and pleasant to explore and dine.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: An evening out… or just to buy some pretty accessories or dresses

Average price range at Asiatique: Low 200 – 350 baht (The restaurants are more expensive though)

How to get to Asiatique: Catch the free ferry anytime from 6pm which departs from the central pier in Saphan Taksin


Siam square Bangkok

Siam square is made up of a maze of arcades; small individual shops cluttered along the walkways both indoors and outdoors. I think one of the things I appreciate about shopping in Siam Square the most, is the diversity in style, quality and prices… Whereas in the usual Bangkok markets, you typically have a massive repetition of the same clothes and bags in all the different stalls; and then at the completely opposite spectrum of things, you have the fancy shopping malls selling ridiculously overpriced designer fashions.

bangkok markets shopping

Plenty loads of individual boutique shops to be found in Siam Square

At Siam Square you can still find, for example, an affordable pair of shoes for 299 baht, but you can also find yourself some very good quality shoes from 800 baht upwards. You can still get a t-shirt for 200 baht, or, in contrast, you can find yourself a fashionable evening dress for 800 baht or more. Similarly, there is a nice range of jewellery and accessories from handmade necklaces and stone pendants, to alternative leather cuffs and sparkly feather earrings.

Best shopping in Bangkok for: Interesting and reasonably priced jewellery and accessories, alternative skater shops

Average price range at Siam Square: Varies – low to medium: 200 baht to 1000 baht

How to get to Siam Square: Located directly across the road from Siam Paragon at BTS station Siam.

bangkok shopping

Outside shops around Siam Square


Best shopping in Bangkok. Check my Thailand price guide for the ultimate Bangkok shopping experience. Or, check my other guides on where to buy cheap shoes, clothes and gadgets in Bangkok.

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