Siam Square Bangkok

Bangkok shopping budget: $$$

Average clothes prices: 250 baht – 2500 baht

Siam Square is perhaps the coolest place to shop in Bangkok. Popular with young, funky looking Thais, the shops at Siam Square offer a real nice range of indie boutique shops and alternative brands for both men and women. The square consists of a number of small, indoor shopping centres and markets, separated by high streets and little boutique shops outdoors.

Siam Square definitely makes a pleasant change to shopping in one of the Bangkok malls – you can admire the cool graffiti dotted around the walls outside, take some time out in the peaceful park nearby, or chill out in one of the cute cafes such as the outdoor Travel Library Cafe. Siam Square allows you to shop both outdoors and indoors without feeling too claustrophobic like it tends to get when shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market or the MBK.


Shops in Siam range from cheaper Thai fashion dresses and tops costing from 250 baht, to individually made, unique clothing at around the 2500 baht mark. The shops outside on the high street tend to be the more expensive ones, but they do stock more interesting and unique fashions.

In the indoor shopping centres, for example underneath the Lido Theatre on Soi 2, you will find cheaper high heel shoes, second hand sneakers, second hand vintage dresses, cool T-shirts and pretty maxi dresses – all very reasonably priced and a little more different to the standard clothes you’ll find in the more touristy markets of Bangkok.

There are a whole choice of styles in clothing, accessories and jewellery in the maze of indoor boutiques: from hand made bling or elegant and simple jewellery, to leather bohemian necklaces or studded alternative accessories.

Plenty loads of individual boutique shops to be found in Siam Square

If you love sneakers and street fashion, you will love Siam Square. If you check out Soi 1 and Soi 2 in particular, you will find numerous shops that sell a huge choice of really cool looking sneakers costing from 2000 baht and upwards. You can find Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas and a whole lot of other brands in loads of different designs.

If you head through the True shopping centre from the BTS to get to Siam Square, you’ll also find an official Converse store at the back entrance. Many of these shops on soi 1 and soi 2 sell some really cool caps and accessories too – check my section on sneakers in my Bangkok shoe shopping blog to find out more details on specific street fashion shops.

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Siam Square Night Market Bangkok

If you head along to Siam Square in the evening, all the hight street shops will be closed and the Siam Night Market will be open instead. The Siam Square Night Market is located right on the main Sukhumvit Road at the foot of Siam BTS – you can’t miss it. The market gets really busy during the night after the locals have finished work, but it sells some really cheap clothing and shoes.

Clothes for sale at the Siam Square Night Market are pretty much your typical, cheap Bangkok street market type; nothing particularly special – the t-shirts, tops and dresses for sale there tend to be the bulk-made fashions you see all over Bangkok. The night market is great for some carefree bargain hunting in Bangkok though. You can buy clothes from just 50 baht for a top there.

How to get to Siam Square Bangkok

Take the BTS to Siam and exit the station on the opposite side to Siam Paragon and Siam Center. If you walk along to the right of the BTS and past the building works, you’ll come across various maze-like walkways and roads which all lead into the square – Just don’t go to Siam Square too early – shops don’t tend to open until late morning or early afternoon.

Other popular areas nearby Siam Square in Bangkok include the MBK shopping Mall, Siam Center and Siam Paragon.

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