Thai Slang

Thai swear words and slang should be used very carefully only with close friends, or in other cases Thai slang should even be avoided altogether. Really, the most useful reason to know some Thai slang words is if you just want to understand what other people are saying. By all means though, the slang words given below for ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ are positive words and harmless to use in everyday situations in Thailand.

Thai Slang

Wat dee – Hey

Bpen ngai – How’s it?

Arai wa – What the hell?

Mong arai wa – What the f*** are you looking at?

Sentence + wa – Particle (Among (male) friends – kind of adds laid back, cool vibe like ‘dude’ or ‘man’. Very rude to use with strangers though)

Raeng – Strong (Kind of like, ‘Harsh!’ or ‘Burn’ after an insult or brutal comment)

Chiw chiw – Chill out, take it easy, ‘it’s easy’


Jaab (High tone) – Awesome

Jeng (Rising tone) – Cool (Usually jeng jeng)

Jaew (Rising tone) – Cool (about people)

Rêrt – Cool, amazing (used by females)

Fin – Orgasmic, sexy (Lit. Finale) e.g. This cake is orgasmic ‘kaek fin’

Wôoe – Way too, very

Sut dtaen (Falling, mid tone) – Extremely, f***ing (E.g. Rawn sut dtaen – extremely/f***ing hot)

Koht (Falling tone) – Extremely (Same as above but not quite as offensive)

Hia (Falling tone) – F***ing, Bad (E.g. Aroi hia – f***ing tasty!  Aai hia – bad person)


Cha nee – Pronoun for females (used by gay people kinda like ‘Hey bitch’, ‘Hey girl’ – lit. gibbon)

Poo ching – ‘Tranny’ or camp gay guy

Gig (High tone) – Secret lover, mistress

Dek naew (Low, mid tone) – Trendy kids (In a negative sense – troublesome, anti-social e.g. chav)

Dtao hua ngoo (Falling, rising, mid tone) – Dirty old man (Dtao = gae – old, ngoo – snake)

Jaao paw (Falling, falling tone) – Gangsta, mafia

Sip bpaet mong gut – Someone who decieves/ rips people off/ scams others for money

Neua hawm (High, rising tone) – Hot/ attractive person, popular

Jao choo (Falling, high tone) – Butterfly, Womaniser

Dtao lan bpee (Low, falling, mid tone) – Old fashioned, out of date

Som lon (Falling, low tone) – Unexpected fortune/ luck

Kee ngok (Falling, low tone) =  Kee neeiw – Stingy

Bpon jai – To be unfaithful, disloyal

Nam Khan (Falling, mid tone) – Annoying (Farang nam khan is used to describe ‘ill-mannered’ or inconsiderate foreigners)

Mot dtoot (Low tone) – To be skint, broke


Aai kwai – Idiot, up yours

Dtaw lae (Mid, high tone) – Bullshit, liar (Usually repeated with ‘lae’ first being pronounced with a high tone, then rising tone second time)

Hee-ak (Low tone) – Bad, shit, terrible

Heng suay – Bad, shit

Loi toi (Rising, falling tone) – To suck, be rubbish


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