Top 5 Cafes In Bangkok

Bangkok is absolutely jampacked full of unique and refreshing cafes, there are loads to choose from. Whether you just fancy some hella tasty cake or a comfortable hangout to chat with friends, there are loads of cafes in Bangkok for just about all tastes.

My top 5 best cafes in Bangkok:


Mr Jones’ Teddy Bear Orphanage is perhaps one of the most charming and quirky cafes of all in Bangkok. As far as I know, there are two different branches of Mr Jones’s teddy bear orphanage in Bangkok – one in Thonglor and one in Siam Center. Both cafes are set out in a traditional English tearoom style, only they are also packed with quirky and cute details such as hanging teddy bears, miniature toy soldiers and ornate cake displays.

Price range: 80 to 250 baht

Bangkok teddy bear cafe


Agalico Tea Room is a beautiful tearoom in central Bangkok that has traditional English decor with a bright and modern twist. The interior is so impressive that they even have portrait photographers working on the upper olden period floors. Particularly for expats missing simple Englishness, Agalico Tea Room is a great cafe for tea lovers and cake lovers – they have pretty much every kind of Western tea available, complete with traditional teapot and teacups.

The main tearoom is light and airy with a refreshing white colour scheme throughout. Alternatively, you can sit outside in the large gardens and Pavilion. The cakes aren’t the best in Bangkok, however the ambience alone makes it one of Bangkok’s best cafes.

Price range: 120 baht +



The Double Dogs Tea Room in Chinatown has a mega selection of Chinese teas, perfect for green tea lovers. The inside of double dogs tearoom makes a stark contrast against the busy craziness of Chinatown just outside – elegant Chinese furnishings, welcoming staff and warm, ambient lighting make for a tranquil atmosphere. It’s fantastic for sampling Chinese cakes, treats and teas – they even have a special tea man serving up the all-you-can-drink tea buffet in miniature Chinese teapots.

Price range: 95 to 250 baht



Petite Audrey is a modern European styled cafe located right in the middle of the fashionable Siam Center shopping mall. There is often a queue waiting to be seated, always a good sign of food quality. There is a great range of both savoury and sweet food with generous sized portions of waffles and ice cream sundaes. It’s perfect the stuffing your face with cake in a sophisticated cafe environment!

Price range: 60 to 300 baht

petite audrey


Coffee Beans By Dao is an extremely popular restaurant cafe with middle-class Thai locals. The interior is nothing special or particularly interesting – maybe even a little gaudy – but the cake however, is to die for! Make sure to get the Tobelerone cake, my favourite cake in Bangkok for sure! They also have a very extensive savoury Thai & International menu as well as humongous cake selection. If you visit the branch in Chit Lom, there is a nice seating area outside on the road front, but take lots of mosquito spray!

Prices range: 120 baht +


Staying in Silom? Check out the Bug & Bee cafe next to the BTS Sala Deng station – this cafe specializes in crêpes, however has a great selection of affordable cakes and smoothies too. For cat lovers, or maybe just for shits and giggles, take a look at the quirky Purr Cat Cafe in Thonglor.


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