Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

Not into sightseeing around temples? Looking for somewhere fun to take the kids? If you look hard enough, there are plenty of fun things to do in Bangkok other than shopping and sightseeing, both for adults and children. 

Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

1: Thai Wake Park

Apparently one of the top wakeboard parks in the world, the Thai Wake Park is great for an extreme day out or, alternatively, for a longer overnight stay at the on-site RIDE n’ Lazy Hotel. The park is particularly useful for people of all abilities, especially for the more advanced, as it has a whole load of obstacles and ramps to navigate. img_6303 The park is open all day every day until the late hours of the night, just be careful of the mosquitoes if you are heading there after dark. It’s about an hour’s drive outside of Bangkok centre – around a 500 baht cab ride. For 2 hours use of the cables, prices start from 1100 baht with equipment rental included. If you’re willing to brave the mosquitoes at night time though, the price is just 100 baht per hour…

2 Flow House Bangkok

With an easy, central location in Bangkok city, the Flow House makes a more convenient alternative to the Thai Wake Park. With cool tunes, good food and regular evening events, it makes a cool place to simply hang out (useful if you have lazier friends tagging along!). The flow house is suitable for people of all ages and seems to be particularly popular for kids parties – it even has a plunge pool for kids too. flow house A one hour session with an instructor on the Flow Rider costs 750 back per person. Depending on what time you go (weekends are the busiest), you may have to share with up to 8 other people. Useful for something to do after a tiring ride on the flow Rider, there also happens to be a shopping village, K-Village, nearby with some nice restaurants and fast food places.

Follow Me Bike Tours

A bike tour is a great, fun way to explore the city, see all the famous sights and catch a glimpse of local life in the back street sois. Follow Me Bike Tours, in my opinion, is the best bike tour company of many in Bangkok that do this. They have a couple of routes for you to choose from where you can witness Bangkok’s temples, jungles, river boats, China Town and even it’s cuisine on with a food/ bike tour combo… 250170070_640 All of the tour guides at Follow Me Bike Tours are English speaking and super friendly, making their tours all the more relaxing. With regular breaks throughout, tours are suitable for cyclists of all abilities, including children and the not-so-fit people. Prices start from 1100 baht for 4 – 5 hour bike rides, but if you’d rather go it alone, why not hire a Pun Pun bike instead?

Mansion 7 Haunted House

Mansion 7 makes for a unique, live haunted house experience, complete with ghoulish actors to chase you around. On sites, there are bars and games such as pool and billiards, all in a quirky haunted setting. The actual haunted house experience cost 320 back each and is actually relatively short for the money – perhaps around 20 minutes? (The time goes terrifyingly slow while you are inside though!) mansion5 You get to choose from a selection of 3 scenarios with creepy background stories. You are then left to find your way through a dark ghost house while being crept up on, screamed at and chased by the Mansion 7 staff. Definitely not recommended for kids…

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park

Bangkok is home to a multitude of waterparks, however the Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is one of it’s lesser known, hidden gems. Hidden away on the top of a mall rooftop on the edge of the city, Fantasia Lagoon boasts amazing views over the surrounding cityscape – speeding down a water slide is all the more scary/ awesome when you have dramatic rooftop views to go with it. waterpark6web It’s not so great for adults, but perfect if you’re entertaining kids in Bangkok as there’s loads of cool little kid’s areas: a giant mushroom wonderland, pirate ships, water guns and – not to mention – an awesome amusement park attached to it as well. Another great benefit of Fantasia Lagoon Water Park, is that it’s super cheap at just 100 baht per person…

6 The Escape Hunt

The Escape Hunt is a puzzle-solving, live escape game with a good ol’ London detective theme. This is a great way to escape the heat of Bangkok while exercising your brain with challenging puzzles. You will be locked inside a themed door and left to examine the surroundings and objects in order to escape. The game lasts 60 minutes, after which, you can relax with a drink in the lounge, or dress up in detective attire for a classic photo opportunity. You can go in groups of between 2 and 5; prices start from 600 baht per person for an hour of mystery solving.


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