Top 5 Markets In Bangkok

One of the most popular reasons that people come to Bangkok, is for the shopping! Bangkok has some amazing markets, famous for their variety of Street food, cheap knockoffs and pretty ethnic souvenirs.

My best markets in Bangkok offer a great variety of shopping and different atmospheres. If you only have limited time in Bangkok, check out my list:

Best Markets In Bangkok

1: Chatuchak Weekend Market – Bangkok’s Biggest Outdoor Market

Chatuchak Market is by far Bangkok’s most popular market with both tourists and locals – the huge crowds you’ll find flocking to the market on weekends is the perfect proof of it’s greatness as the best market in Bangkok! The market is huge and offers something for everybody: from puppy dog pets and authentic Thai furniture, to the newest Asian trends and bohemian clothes.


The market is made up of both indoor and outdoor sections and it’s easy to get lost for hours within the labyrinth of street stalls – not a popular market with expat men in Bangkok! Despite its popularity with tourists though, the market still manages to keep fair and cheap prices, making it a great place to pick up some fantastic bargains. Be warned though, this crowded, sun-trapped market gets super hot!

2 Asiatique – Riverfront Shopping Village

Reachable via free shuttle boat along the Chao Phraya River, Asiatique is a lovely riverfront market to enjoy an evening of fine dining, boutique shopping and cabaret entertainment. Designed in a modern shopping village layout, this beautiful Bangkok market is strewn with quirky decorations, fairy lights and unique little shops selling handmade jewellery and cheap clothing. You can also enjoy a Ferris wheel ride which gives you a great opportunity to see the Chao Phraya river and the rest of Bangkok city from above.


3 Talad Rod Fai – Vintage ‘Train Market’

Talad Rod Fai is one of Bangkok’s lesser-known markets, mainly popular with young Thais and hipsters of Bangkok. The market has a prominent vintage theme throughout with a nice dose of camper van boot bars and old skool Beetle cocktail hangouts. Shopping is cheap at Talad Rod Fai, however the market also makes a great simple hangout without having to buy anything at all.


Merely enjoying the music at one of the bars, or taking in the antique sights is entertainment enough. This is by far one of Bangkok’s best, most interesting and laid-back markets to check out.

4 Khlong Lat Mayom – Weekend Floating Market

In my opinion, Khlong Lat Mayom is the best market to visit in Bangkok if you are looking to sample all the local delicacies and treats of Thailand. One of the quieter floating markets located on the outskirts of Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayom offers peaceful boat rides along the canal, charming little trinket shops and, best of all, an abundance of fresh seafood and authentic Thai dishes.


This floating market has a much more subdued and mellow atmosphere compared to other ones, and because of its lack of tourist visitors, items tends to be price tagged and more fairly priced. You can buy anything here from embroidered cushions and handmade crafts, to girly accessories and cheap clothing.

5 On Nut Night Market – Bangkok Beer Garden

One of Bangkok’s smaller night markets, On Nut Market makes for a much more relaxed shopping experience. It even has a little beer garden area where you can enjoy a beer and some cheap food while listening to one of the Thai cover bands. By Bangkok standards, there aren’t many stalls in the market overall, however there is still a great selection of super cheap T-shirts, accessories and knockoff items.

on nut

If you’d rather shop at a more quiet market in Bangkok, On-Nut is the best market for you – there is a great choice of food to snack on as well, Thai and international alike!


Where’s your best market in Bangkok? Share your thoughts and drop us a line.

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