Top 5 Parks in Bangkok

Bangkok is great for exploring botanical gardens and natural parks. Many of the parks in Bangkok are very well maintained and clean – a great way to cool off and break up a day of sightseeing. Just don’t get freaked out by the monitor lizards while you’re relaxing on the grass!

Here are a couple of the top parks in Bangkok that I’ve found so far:

Best Parks In Bangkok

1: Lumpini Park – Bangkok’s most popular park

This may be too predictable to some, and for that I apologise – but Lumpini Park is THE park that comes to mind when people think of Bangkok. It’s where locals, tourists and expats alike come to chill out and cool off under the shady tropical canopy, right in the centre of Bangkok. Lumpini Park is located right next to Silom, making it a great break from exploring all of the busy shops and sights of the area such as Japanese street.

bangkok park

Although not the largest, Lumpini Park is one of Bangkok’s biggest parks and has pretty much everything in one place:  a lake with pedalos, bikes for hire, outdoor gym, indoor fitness centre and a host of different maintained gardens. Lumpini is always bustling with joggers, cyclists, inquisitive tourists and locals lazing on picnic mats, it’s fantastic for people watching.

2 Benjakiti Park – Man-made and perfectly maintained

Benjakiti Park is my personal best park, completely underrated as one of Bangkok’s most beautiful parks. It lacks the more rugged and natural beauty of parks such as Lumpini, however it’s ruthlessly maintained grounds offer a delightful, contrastingly ‘neat’ beauty, with open panoramic views of the Bangkok cityscape across it’s lake.

bangkok park

The Bangkok Park is often lined with purple flower beds as far as the eye can see, with perfect colour themes and maintained flower displays always immaculately kept. During the daytime, Benjakiti Park offers an unbelievably tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for a capital city, completely free of people during the work hours. However it also offers a wonderful contrast of a vibrant atmosphere during the evenings when it is buzzing with runners, students, and newlyweds and graduates having photo sessions. It’s totally enjoyable at either time of day, evenings being a great time for people watching by the lakeside.

Although it’s not as huge as its gigantic sister parks of Bangkok, Benjakiti Park makes an easy detour from shopping at Terminal 21, or visiting an expo at the convention centre next door.

3 King Rama IX – Flowers Galore

The King Rama IX Park boasts the title of Bangkok’s largest pack at a massive 200 acres in size. It costs 20 baht in entrance fees (50p or 80 cents), however this is a bargain considering how long you could potentially spend exploring the park. There are absolutely loads of different nurseries and themed gardens to explore, plus a museum dedicated to King Rama IX.


If you love flower displays, be sure to visit King Rama IX park during December, when the whole park is covered in elaborate flower displays to commemorate the King’s birthday. You’ll find everything from simple colour patterns in the flower beds,to charming displays of flowerpot men and elaborate flower houses.

4 Tae Chio Cemetery & Park – Off the beaten track ruggedness

If you’d rather explore off the beaten track and away from the tourist scene of Bangkok, the Tae Chio Cemetery offers a contrastingly hidden and rugged change of scenery. You won’t find impressive flower displays and neatly maintained lawns here, however you will get a glimpse into the everyday lives of Thai locals.

Tae Chio chinese cemetery sathorn

Strolling through the shaded park path, you might come across elderly men playing board games; people working out in the outdoor gym; youths enjoying a game of the acrobatic version of football known as Takraw; and hidden shrines and Chinese temples. It feels refreshing to be able to discover – without mention in the guidebooks – some of the hidden gems around Tae Chio Cemetery.

5 Wachira Benthat Butterfly Park – Cycling in Bangkok

Wachira Benthat is Bangkok’s 2nd biggest park at 150 acres big. It also boasts close proximity to the neighbouring Queen Sirikit Park, Chatuchak Park and the hugely popular Chatuchak Market. Wachira Benthat offers a more natural landscape in comparison to Bangkok’s other parks, there aren’t really any flower displays and landmarks as such, however the grounds are flat and extensive – ideal for a bike ride. 99% of the visitors to this Park will be on bike and it’s worth hiring one for a nice shady bike ride in Bangkok.



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