lg smart inverter microwave oven not heating

In CRT TV we deal with high frequency pulses which are much more easily detected with a neon lamp, even from a remarkable distance away from the core of the transformer. a brand new microwave oven is between 20-50usd, Grate Job Mr Subramanian and the way You use a wire as a fuse , good Idea. (of course with the safety HV and other Fuses in the circuit). -->, How To Repair LG Microwave Oven Not Heating. I tested my transformer by feeding 12V-AV on the primary side and got about 110V-AC on the secondary. We need to buy a replacement matching exactly as per its mounting and high voltage connector. As usual, opened the cover and did a thorough cleaning of inside with blower and brush. LG 1.5 Cu. So unit was sent to repairer where it still is waiting for parts and repair. The mechanical switches are manual. Max. PS: there are other ways to test if the Transformer is BAD and it won't cost any Fuses nor this rather dangerous test. The diode converts the A/C power output of the transformer to D/C, doubling the voltage to nearly 5,000 volts. (Their before and after sales service was excellent) I certainly would not buy another LG oven. In addition to all above, you don't need a huge variac for the recommended (no load) test. When a high voltage transformer fails, it will usually arc and have a burning smell. [CDATA[ (Warning: The microwave oven can store a lethal amount of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. It is just a direct application of Ohm''s Law, provided that all proper measurements are taken as regards safety against high voltage backward leakage. if (document.getElementById("af-body-413914580")) { The only thing I don't remember exactly is the time of 60 sec. Brought it on to my work table and first discharged the high voltage capacitors. (These Probes originally are free from any additions inside. thanks for article .I have just this question how much did you paid for new magnetron? var IE = /*@cc_on! item 6 LG LMC2075ST 1200W 2.cu ft Large Microwave Oven Smart Inverter Stainless Steel 6 - LG LMC2075ST 1200W 2.cu ft Large Microwave Oven Smart Inverter Stainless Steel. power 500 watts. and Specially Sharing your knowledge with us to Learn best. You may check on his previous repair article below: https://jestineyong.com/crt-tv-repair-flyback-replaced/. Igniter – Check to see if the igniter is working. (Please see the picture above). Normal cost on oven is around Rs.5000 to 10,000 (US$71 to US$143), price of a new magnetorn is 30usd If the secondary responds accordingly the transformer is ok. Interesting repair,nicely presented as well. The idling current of the transformer in this case is under normal conditions very low in comparison to its full load one. your experience. So if you suspect that as well, you can simply watch for a sudden rise of the amperage when rising the primary voltage. document.getElementById("af-footer-413914580").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; Then the oven will get on, and the knob of the switch will start retracting to zero slowly, for which there is a spring coil inside like in old time wall clocks. Anyhow I didn't know about this strange way of testing the HV circuit so I learned a new trick from you and your friends if I need it. Only a licensed technician should replace the high voltage transformer.). If your microwave oven doesn’t heat, you may have a problem with the high voltage diode or rectifier. (Caution: This portion of the output handles around 5000V! } This is true, but refers only to leakage test/problem. Personally speaking, I would build a resistive divider for this purpose. And I never had a bad Magnetron Transformer myself before either. Due to the high running voltage and the potential for electric shock, it is extremely dangerous to replace the electronic components in a microwave. The thermal fuse cuts off power to the microwave if the microwave overheats. Thanks you Again Even in the event of fear for working with high voltages while a variac is not available, the "poor technician's"-safe method would be to feed the transformer backwards, i.e. The timer switch has to be turned to the desired time written on the dial. The second thing is to use exactly the same type of transformers, for proper matching of the coil impedances. Anyhow, thank you all for the very valuable inputs! If the magnetron burns out, the microwave won’t heat. And if I understand you well, knowing if the Magnetron Tube itself is defect will still be difficult to measure in the case described in your article? if (document.getElementById("af-header-413914580")) { Product Review: LG MS2336DB NeoChef 23L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven 1000W - Duration: 1:34. Please leave it in the comments. How to test microwave magnetron with a multimeter: Unboxing Therapy Treatment 6,016 views. I have not tested this with any Magnetron myself but I think it is a better and safer way if it works. 4KV x 0.8A (Max) + He is 66 years old and has more than 30 years’ experience in handling antiques equipment Valve Radio, Amps, Reel Tape Recorders and currently studying latest techs classes conduct by Kerala State Electronics Technicians’ Association. How do you tell if the 'F' and 'FA' labels are missing on a new Magnetron, which terminal goes where? LG Electronics LG MS2336DB NeoChef 23L Smart Inverter 1000W Microwave Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online. If it is broken, it may blow a fuse in your microwave which could lead to other components failing. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. It is not necessary to check the full output. Let us say, 3 or 4 millimeters. (function() { Already ordered? Connect the high voltage windings with each other and then use one of the primaries as input and the other as output. 3V x 10A should make a Transformer of about give or take 3200 Watt + 30 Watt makes 3230 Watt of Power. LG Microwave LMV1813ST No heat No heat is the 2nd most common symptom for LG LMV1813ST. On the contrary, a defective transformer will toast under the same test.

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