Fantasia Lagoon Water Park Bangkok

Fantasia Lagoon is one of Bangkok’s lesser known water parks, randomly situated on the top of a mall in the outskirts of the city. The few expats and tourists who do ever get to hear about Fantasia Lagoon and pay a visit, end up hailing it as one of Bangkok’s best water parks.

A Rooftop Water Park In Bangkok

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is ideal if you’re looking for a fun attraction off the beaten track in Bangkok. Mainly popular with locals, it’s mall-top location offers numerous other entertainment amenities to keep you entertained for the whole day. It’s a perfect place to take children or as a fun family day out in Bangkok.

On the top floor of the mall, you can spend your time playing arcade machines at the amusement park, shopping the indie boutique shops of the ‘City Walk’ section, watching a movie in the cinema, or enjoying Thai snacks in the food court. There are numerous restaurant chains to choose from too, including Thai, sushi and ramen restaurants.


Best Water Park In Bangkok

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park costs just 100 baht entry per person. The admission ticket system is rather complicated though – you’ll need to rent a mandatory hair cap for 20 baht, plus an option locker for 50 baht locker and towel for 20 baht. On top of this, you’ll need to pay an extra 100 baht deposit for the locker key and an extra 50 baht deposit for each towel and cap that you rent. So it’s best to bring extra cash and take care of the bazillion different tickets they give you!

The park itself is not actually that big. Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is best for families with younger kids than for older kids or couples. It consists of a total of 3 water chutes for older children and adults, and 3 smaller play areas and pools for smaller children. The adult chutes are rather dull, however the kid’s smaller play areas are seriously AMAZEBALLS. I would have been all over that shit when I was a little kid. This is why Fantasia Lagoon is best for families with small children.


Fantasia Lagoon also has a 1.6 metre deep swimming pool (all the other areas of the water park are much shallower because many Thai people can’t swim) which many locals seem to visit and use for exercise. It also has a ‘lazy river’ which travels around the water park with a gentle current. The lazy river is quite pleasant to float around on one of the rubber rings for hire.


Living up to it’s reputation as the best water park in Bangkok, Fantasia Lagoon is well maintained and clean, with great views over Bangkok city. It also has a fun, creative design and theme throughout – pirate ships, treasure caverns, mushroom jungles and all sorts. However, the life guard staff are very serious and a bit jobsworth-y… especially for Thailand! They were quite strict in not letting me wear a T-shirt over my bikini (also surprising for Thailand) and making people wear hair caps. It also has seriously annoying music… the same crappy song repeated playing over and over again! Damn!


Best Amusement Park Arcade In Bangkok

What impressed me the most about my visit to Fantasia Lagoon, was the amusement park. The amusement park at Bang Khae Mall is amazing – the best arcade in Bangkok! Located on the top floor of the mall, the arcade area has a uniquely lit up ceiling to look like an evening sky and give the feel of an old amusement park outdoors during the night. It’s one of the biggest arcades I’ve seen in Bangkok and has numerous rides, a train, and a whole load of arcade machines.


How to get to Fantasia Lagoon

Fantasia Lagoon is located at the top of Bang Khae mall in Bangkok. Currently, the nearest BTS station to this is Talat Phlu or Wongwian Yai. You can take the BTS to either one of these station and then ask a taxi to take you to ‘The Mall Bang Khae’. Most drivers should know it instantly. Depending on traffic, this should cost about 100 baht. Just make your way up the escalators to the 4th floor once inside the mall.


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