Plearn Wan Vintage Village Hua Hin

Plearn Wan Vintage Village in Hua Hin is best described as a living museum created in the form of an enchanting, old Thai village. This unique, detailed little replica town was designed to take visitors ‘back in time to the good old days’ of Thailand. 


What is Plearn Wan Hua Hin?

Not that I have ever been to one, but Plearn Wan reminds me a lot of the replica western town theme parks you hear about in America – for example, like the old western village theme park that Homer and his family visit in one episode of the Simpsons… but it’s a Thai version! Cool, right?


Plearn Wan is basically a small, little theme park located on the outskirts of Hua Hin. It’s set out in the style of a nostalgic, olden day village, complete with rickety wooden cart stalls, rustic wooden houses, retro street signs, colourful hanging bunting, and even a street running through the middle with parked classic cars, old skool tuk tuks and vintage scooters.


Thai people seem to have a weak spot for all things vintage, and I love it! Plearn Wan has plenty of charming little finishing touches and attention to detail throughout, plus some great classic vintage tunes in the background of many areas.


Things to do at Plearn Wan

You need to remember that Plearn Wan is not very big at all, so it will probably only take a couple of hours to explore, max. You don’t get so many foreign tourists at Plearn Wan – mainly Thai tourists and locals, which means you get a little more of an authentic Thai experience at Plearn Wan with plenty of traditional Thai food to sample.


Plearn Wan is great for tasting all the delicious Thai snacks and dishes from the old wooden stalls and shacks. Not to mention it’s cheap as well. The little food court sells dishes such as pad Thai, oily rice and chicken (khao man gai), noodle soup, and snacks such as steamed buns, banana & potato fritter and deep fried ice cream. If you’re bored of Thai food, there’s a great retro American diner at the entrance of the village too.


As well as food stalls, Plearn Wan also has numerous shops with decent priced clothing and cute little trinkets to take home. Alternatively, if you make your way to the back of the village, you’ll find a modest sized fairground with a ferris wheel and shooting games. Of course, there are plenty of photo opportunities throughout, which makes Plearn Wan very popular with Thai youngsters posing for awkwardly long amounts of time and taking way too many selfies.


Plearn Wan is open throughout the day and evening so you can visit during the sunny hours of the day or during the cosy lights of the night. Even better, you can experience Plearn Wan at all hours if you stay in the themed hotel on the upper floors throughout the village. This costs from around 1500 baht per night (that’s $50 or £29). You can book the Piman Plearnwan Hotel here.


How to get to Plearn Wan Vintage Village in Hua Hin

Entry to Plearn Wan Hua Hin is free. The village is located about 3km outside of Hua Hin’s centre, however it’s pretty famous so all the tuk tuk drivers will know it if you ask them to take you there. If you’re staying centrally in Hua Hin, this could cost anywhere between 100 and 200 baht depending on your driver’s mood!


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