Secret Garden Cuisine Bangkok

Secret Garden Cuisine is a cafe/ thai restaurant in Bangkok famed for it’s cakes (particularly it’s special ‘crepe cake’). Secret Garden Cuisine is situated in the Northern end of Sathorn Road in an old, white colonial English style building with huge bay windows and a pretty fairy-lit garden. Inside, the restaurant part is decorated with green walls, pristeen white furniture and twining plants and ivy. The cafe area of Secret Garden is very cosy, with comfy sofas and natural daylight streaming in through the large bay windows. Meals cost around 150 – 600 baht plus tax and service and cakes cost around 120 baht plus tax and service.


Is Secret Garden in Sathorn any good?

After having heard so much about Secret Garden in Bangkok before I went, I had high expectations for it. Especially the cake which is supposed to be absolutely amazing… Well, for me, it didn’t quite meet my expectations but the food was still good, and good portions as well as quality for the money. I ordered Green curry with pandan rice and papaya salad for 250 baht, and for this I got two generously sized plates of food, and very delicious too. I ordered the recommended Secret Garden crepe cake with strawberry sauce and it just wasn’t quite what it was hyped up to be. It was a little creamy and sickly about half way through. And the brownie cheesecake tasted quite strange, with a slightly rubbery texture.

I have had better cakes in Bangkok, for example Secret Recipe. However, I would consider going to Secret Garden for cake again sheerly for the pleasant ambience and décor of Secret Garden – especially in the cafe and garden areas. It would be a good restaurant to take visiting friends and family. The staff were very dilligent and friendly with quick delivery of food and excellent customer service. They may be construed to be a little pushy at times, like pushing to order starters and dessert, but sometimes this is not necessarily a bad thing if you just need a bit of a push to make decisions! In total, for smoothies, a decent sized, tasty main course, cake and coffee – this costed 600 baht each. Not too bad considering.

If you want to try some delicious and authentic thai cuisine with a twist, if you are or a great fan of seafood, or if you just want somewhere to take your night-club-loathing friends who are visiting for the week, then give Secret Garden Cuisine a try – daytime or night time for a cozy sit down in a charming environment.

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