Bangkok Gadget Shopping Guide


Where to buy gadgets and phones in Bangkok

The two malls with the biggest selection of technology and gadgets are MBK and Pantip Plaza. MBK has a whole floor teaming with booths selling mobile phones, accessories, cameras, laptops, cables and other computer bits and pieces at a reasonable price. It’s best not to go on holiday to Thailand with the mindset ‘I‘ll wait until I get to Thailand to buy it, it will be cheaper there‘. Well it’s not. Big brand clothing and technology is more expensive in Thailand than it is in western countries surprisingly.

You can, however, buy some cheap knockoff mobile phones, cables and other computer accessories at not too bad quality in Bangkok. For example, a knockoff mobile phone make of a Samsung Galaxy S4 is just 3500 baht – it looks exactly the same and seems to function pretty well too.

For a more specialised shopping mall catering for gadgets and mobile phones, make sure you head to Pantip Plaza Technology Mall. Pantip Plaza is pretty much like something out of an apocalyptic sci-fi film (Blade Runner comes to mind) – messy, disorganised, lots of wires and blinking lights everywhere… It’s definitely worth a visit though! You’ll find Pantip Plaza on Petchaburi Road right next door to Platinum Fashion Mall near Baiyoke Tower.


Pantip Plaza

For a more trustworthy shop to try, completely free of dubious knockoff brand mobile phones and gadgets, you may want to visit a Big C. Big C is kind of like Thailand’s equivalent to Walmart or Tescos. Head to the top floor of any Big C and you’ll find the technology section with plenty of the latest gadgets and mobile phones at possibly the most reasonable price in Bangkok.

Where to buy Thai souvenirs and holiday gifts in Bangkok

For your typical Thai crafts to buy as souvenirs or gifts from your holiday, you can pretty much head to any Bangkok market and find a stall selling bags, carvings, lights and sarongs etc. MBK mall has a huge selection of all the standard Thai souvenirs on it’s top floor.

Chatuchak weekend market and Asiatique  offer a huge choice of hand made Thai trinkets with a few added quirky, unique gifts as well. Chatuchak in particular has a great section of home furnishings, teak wooden lamps, Thai silk quilts and wall hangings.

If you’d prefer somewhere in Bangkok a little quiet to shop for your Thai souvenirs and gifts, try Amarin Plaza in Chitlom. The Amarin Plaza mall is very quiet (I don’t know how it’s still even open) and has a whole floor dedicated to Thai crafts and gifts. Please be aware, that Amarin Plaza will not be as cheap as Chatuchak or Asiatique.

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