Banrie Coffee & Beer Garden Bangkok

Banrie Coffee makes for both a quaint, pretty daytime cafe and a laid back, cozy night time beer garden in Bangkok. The look of Banrie Coffee is almost ruin-like, reminiscent of the remnants of a historical Thai landmark. The gardens are enclosed by an old, ancient wall with battered holes serving as windows looking out onto the Bangkok city streets. Inside the gardens, many huge trees scatter the grounds linked by colourful flags hanging cheerfully between them during the day. Banrie is open in Bangkok 24 hours a day every day with fairy lights illuminating the gardens at night.


Banrie Coffee serves a selection of Thai food, coffee, cake, milkshakes, cocktails, wine and beers complete with live, mellow Thai music during the evenings. Bottles of wine don’t come too cheap and vary between 1000 and 2000 baht. You can buy cocktail jugs for 300 baht and beer towers for 500 baht for 2.7 liters. The chilled out atmosphere with mild, live Thai bands and the pleasant, warmly lit natural ¬†surroundings of Banrie Coffee Bangkok make it a must visit local Thai hangout.


How to get to Banrie Coffee Bangkok

Simply take the Sukhumvit line BTS to Ekkamai. Banrie Coffee is right next to the BTS station, at night time you can just follow the sound of music. Banrie Coffee is difficult to miss.

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