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Bag Snatching In Bangkok

We were walking back home through the Sois to our Bangkok apartment today, just after dark. There is a very thin lane with corrugated panelled walls – quite dilapidated looking. I could hear a motorbike approaching behind me, as they very frequently do around this area of Bangkok, so I sped up to try and move out of the way for him… Well the guy on the motorbike snatched my bag. Yep, just like in the movies – they actually do drive past you on a motorbike, bag snatching in Bangkok. And a smoothly done crime it was.

I thought I’d been hit at first, what with it being such a narrow path, so it took a few seconds to register that I’d had my bag snatched. Then my boyfriend just flung his bag to the floor and chased the bag snatching thief up the lane for about half a mile, Terminator 2 style. Alas, despite this lane having heavy single lane traffic coming from the other direction every night that we have lived in Bangkok for 3 weeks, tonight there was not a soul on the road and so the thief escaped with my stolen bag after a valiant attempt to retrieve it.

Sadly, my boyfriend’s laptop suffered a crack from being chucked on the floor during the pursuit of the thief. I had my bag, my wallet, my camera, my mobile phone, my freshly topped up BTS carrot card, my school books and notes, and about 800 baht stolen 🙁 To be honest, there were plenty of warning signs. Literally. ‘Beware: bag snatching’ signs everwhere around this part of Bangkok. Fortunately, I only have a crappy mobile phone, it was my lesser camera, and I had no credit cards in my wallet. So, in a positive light, I still have my sexy camera, my credit cards and my passport… At least I can learn from this small crime in Thailand so that I may protect my more important possessions in the future.

Also, after so much budgeting and depriving myself of tasty treats and drinks during our days in Thailand so far, well the cash alone in my bag was about 800 baht. Ironically before my bag snatching, I had been being particularly stingy with my money and so I bitterly realised that my petty attempts to save money in Thailand were in vain.

And so I conclude.. Screw it. Screw you money! I’m gonna eat all the tasty Thai snacks and bubble teas to my heart’s content until I either explode… or run out of money after 4 months living in Thailand rather than the planned year :/

Because money – it just comes and goes, it is impermanent… and you never know when some jackass thief on a motorbike is gonna just steal it all away from you.


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