Iron Fairies Bar Thonglor Bangkok

The Iron Fairies bar is a quirky and sophisticated bar and restaurant located in Thonglor, Bangkok. It’s distinctive wall of illuminated, potion-like bottles makes it stand out prominently on the main Thonglor road. Searching along the font for the entrance, you’ll find a mysterious, rustic wooden door which upon opening, leads you through to a rather ominous, dark curtained entrance and further into a very dimly lit, industrial blacksmith-meets-Victorian apothecary bar.

iron fairies

With quirky, ancient industrial-looking machinery dotted throughout the bar; cute touches such as tiny potion bottles of fairy dust cluttered around the surfaces; dilapidated, vintage wallpapered surroundings; and iron, gothic, spiral staircases leading to various floors upstairs, the Iron Fairies Bangkok bar boasts a very unique and enchanting, old English-dark gothic fusion atmosphere.

The trendy surroundings are complimented with vintage 20s flapper music and jazz; later on in the night, the Iron Fairies Bar features live bands performing swing music at the top of one of the spiral staircases. On the occasion I last visited, the Frank Sinatra voiced swing singer entertained from the spiral staircase while the band played on their very own balcony.

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Iron Fairies Bangkok Menu

The menu at Iron Fairies Thonglor is impressive, with particularly amazing burgers averaging around 300 baht. The menu includes salads such as avocado and tuna for 240 baht, side dishes such as potato wedges and crab cakes for around 160 to 200 baht, steaks from around 695 baht and seafood such as salmon steak from 350 baht per dish. Everything on the menu at Iron Fairies is pretty much guaranteed not to disappoint and for the price, the food is very good quality.

Chunky burgers with brie, bacon, onions and mushrooms come served on a large chopping board pierced with a steak knife through the middle. Drink prices on the Iron fairies menu start from 100 baht for a fruit juice (sugar-free, pure juice – a rarity in Thailand), 300 baht for a cocktail and 350 baht for a glass of wine.

iron fairies bangkok

The Iron Fairies bar may be viewed as a tad pretentious and a little too trendy or superficial by some; It gets extremely busy on weekends and the clientele tend to be mainly rich, young Thais and expats. Sometimes, along with the sometimes fast jazz music and masses of people, the Iron Fairies Bangkok bar can be slightly stressful and not so relaxing. However, overall, The Iron Fairies Bar is ideal for a sophisticated night out with a quirky twist in Bangkok – just be prepared for it to get real claustrophobic on the weekend!

How to get to Iron Fairies Thonglor

Bangkok Iron Fairies is located on Thonglor 55, on the main road opposite Thonglor soi 13. You can take the sky train to BTS Thonglor, then catch a taxi to soi 13 for around 50 baht. You could walk it but it would maybe take 15 minutes and you’d end up pretty sweaty by the end of it.

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